Saturday, August 17, 2013

alot of looser’s doing strange thing’s

We have heard this anecdote before, about Ellen's early career in DC.

Hug’s to you. You are worth alot more then the firm think’s but if they do not respect you, you do whatever you need to feel better, and that would NOT include kow-toweing to the partner’s.
I had a lot of troubel landing my first law job b/c most peeople did NOT want me as a lawyer, but instead as some sort of office mascot or playtoy. I was just the cute girl who went to law school, but they did NOT want to make me a full asociate, or work in a good goverment job. They instead had alot of looser’s doing strange thing’s like stareing out the window at women, calling out numbers based on how cute they were and stareing at me alot of the time, even when I wore tops that were NOT revealing at all!
So for the losers who do not respect you for littel things, I say FOOEY on them. You can find another firm that will apreciate you for your own attributes, even if it is a smaller firm. You have a significant other, so get his advise on this also b/c he probably has good thing’s to say about you, and if you get married, you can put all of this stuff in the rear view mirror. That is what I am goeing to do as soon as I find a guy to support me and our children. YAY!

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