Saturday, August 17, 2013

peeople would have to laugh at my joke’s even if they are not funny

Ahoy! Sorry I was absent a few days without due warning. Dad cracked down on my tuchus again and I wasn't allowed to log in. Bear with me as I catch up with some delay...

I appreciate this post because in addition to enumerating all of Ellen's perceived profesionel option's, it describes their perks. The one referenced in my title here is definitely clear to me, really in any senior position. One notable alternative left out here, however: stay-at-home mom. This omission is surpriseing since Ellen has been focusing strenuously on ensnaring a breadwinner husband and quitting her job.

Ellen :
I’ have thought about this alot, b/c I have to think about ALL of my option’s –1) goeing IN HOUSE; 2) becomeing a JUDGE and 3) becomeing a LAW Professor.
In each of the alternative’s I would HAVE to tell the manageing partner that I was leaveing, and that will be difficult, b/c I do NOT think I could get a clotheing allowance that even come’s close to what I have here.
On the other hand, I would have to consider QUALITY OF LIFE issue’s. If I went in house, I could work regular hours, and have outside counsel do all the work. Also, as a judge, I could boss everyone around and peeople would have to laugh at my joke’s even if they are not funny. And fineally, as a professor, I would be abel to teach whatever I wanted, and could work mabye 8 hours a week and have the rest of my time for my own thing!
But for now, I am here workeing away on my cases, b/c I am goieng to be a partner and make alot of money! YAY!!!!!!

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