Monday, August 5, 2013

I need a royal to impregnate me, not a nosepicing Brit.

Well, whether or not Dad's mysterious special assignment involves the CIA, we're going to have a better story than I anticipated. In other news, Ellen is evidently still in touch with scorned ex David--surprise to me--and more grandiose attempts to establish lineage among Ellen and those she holds dear.

The Manageing partner has expereiencein school law! He advices 3 district’s in Long island and is lookeing to expand!
Princeton was BOREING! FOOEY!
We are now in Virginia and I am with Dad. I will be Abel to go inside with him, yay!!!! This iPhone texting stinks! DOUBEL FOOEY!
David knows places in Brooklyn. I will ask for you. The Manageing partner wants me to get new busness. Should I tell him about theHIVE? After all, we all need a good lawyer from time to time, and the manageing partner says I am OVERHEAD that must be carried. I onley want to be CARRIED over the altar, when I MARRY. Mabye Sam mabye some body else. But dad says marry now so I can have a kid like Princess Kate! Yay! I need a royal to impregnate me, not a nosepicing Brit. I wonder if Sam has any royal blood in his family line?
Dad says he does NOT want to dilute the BARSHEVSKY line any further! FOOEY!

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  1. A guy will not be able to "carry you over the altar" if your tuchus is too ample. Lose the weight, stop the binge eating, and you can have your pick of guys, not just the nose-picking guy.