Thursday, August 1, 2013

do NOT be afreaid to wear schrunchie’s

Ellen is too formal and intimidating, leading men to see her as unattainable? Where did this feedback come from, pray tell? Gonzalo?

The more urgent element of this post is the scrunchie, though (in all its infinite spellings). Ellen had already been caught in contradictions by which MP allegedly required her to wear scrunchies in the office, and then forbade them--this is her second pass at resolveing it (here is her first). How is she now promoting them as casual, however, when in the past she FAMOUSLY advocated them as strictly professional, indeed SCOTUS attire

Round two, Ellen. Reconcile your internally inconsistent scrunchie positions, again.

I actually have this probelem for peeople who do not know me. Peeople are afraid to approach me b/c I appear to be to serious and men especially are afraid to approach me b/c they say they are afraid that I would REJECT them! Nothing can be further from the truth, so I asked the manageing partner about it and he said that I am very formal looking and that if I appear less formal, peeople will NOT be afraid to approach me.
In fact, it was the manageing partner who at first endorsed my use of the schrunchie, tho now he hates it b/c he likes my hair down not up and not pulled back in the summer.
So mabye you should take my advise and be more approacheable. Also, dress a little less formal, and do NOT be afreaid to wear schrunchie’s, b/c they make you look more causal, which is a good thing.
I am not sure yet about tonite — Sam texted me about meeting, but I am very sweaty from walking to work. My fitbit says I am excerciseing, but my tuchus has NOT gotten any smaller. Beside’s Myrna wants to do 3 miles tonite on the FDR walkway. FOOEY! But I must do it if I ever am to show Sam me in a batheing suit, or even my bikini! YAY!!!!

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  1. A cute young woman in a scrunchie is adorable. A fat young woman in a scrunchie is a fat young woman in a scrunchie. It's your choice. Give up the sweets and be sweet. Keep eating sweets and you'll be the one with the cute face but the XL 3 piece beach coverup that protects your tuchus from public view.