Saturday, August 17, 2013

visitation as well as SPOSAL SUPPORT

EXTREAM exampel's of planning for work-mothering problems before they are remotely relevant to one's life! Once again, Ellen articulates all of our deepest joys and fears. 

Good to know she and Alan were alway's protected!
I am NOT expereinced in this YET, b/c I am NOT married and am going to need to have a baby soon, but I would expect that my husband will have to share at least 50/50 if not 70/30 in the middel of the night feeding’s. I figure that after 9 month’s of carrying HIS baby, and haveing to pump my breast milk during the day, that HE will have to get up to handel the baby at night, and that includes BOTH feeding and changeing.
On the other hand, I am fair, and if for some reason, I had NOT pumped any milk that day for him to give to the baby, then I would have to get up and give the baby FRESH milk.
I think I will be totaly up front with these rules before we even begin to conceive a baby together, after we are married. I do NOT want to have any misunderstandings on this score. So even if we have relation’s after we are engaged, you can be sure that he will be wearing his little raincoat. No surprises or room for compromises here. Alan always had a raincoat, thank GOD, b/c he was a drunk, and the last thing any of us needs is a drunken absentee father who want’s visitation as well as SPOSAL SUPPORT. FOOEY on that!

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