Saturday, August 17, 2013

I am kind of over my head in this and have to learn quickley

Ellen is confused about swap's and puts out a call for assistance. I suspect the Sunshine Girls, sooner or later, will come to her aid with a link or two. UPDATE (I SWEAR!) How right was I? Just checked back in and Ulea was all over it. (see bottom)
Ellen :
Fooey on big firm practice! Hang in there, b/c we are alot alike, even tho my law firm onley has 7 attorney’s. You can take some comfort in that small law practice also has it’s downside’s b/c there is NO ONE that cover’s for me when I am out. The manageing partner does NOT want to do what I do (even tho he once knew this stuff in the 1980′s), and the other attorney’s do other stuff for the most part and I am the ONLEY one that is a black belt in WC law. FOOEY! I just got back from a vacation (where I was on call on my Iphone) onley to find that Madeline did NOTHING for me all week. I think she is mad at me b/c men are interested in me, but not her, and the manageing partner gives ME a clotheing allowance, but not her. That is b/c I go into court where I MUST win my cases for the firm and my cleint’s. She sits on her tuchus and eat’s all day, and does tax time stuff and estate work for peeople. FOOEY! That is easy b/c it is all on the INTERNET.
Now I just learned that the cleint that I did the loan agreement for want’s to set up a releationship with an investment bank to do SWAP’s. I do NOT know anything about them and Myrna’s firm is the onley investment bank that I know peeople in, other than some guys I met in a bar who gave me there busness card’s. Should I call them and see if they can teach me about this? What about the cleint? Should I steer them to Myrna’s firm? I do NOT know the ethic’s and the protocol’s here. I found a websight on Swaps, but we are NOT a member of it so I can NOT get into it. I have to talk to the manageing partner about this b/c I am kind of over my head in this and have to learn quickley. Unfortuneately, there is no one here that ever did this stuff and the manageing partner does NOT want to learn about it. It was all I could do to let him proof my loan agreement. They got the money from the investor so that was good, and the cleint is happy with me for now.
So, for the OP, being in private practice is tough, no matter where. That is why I want to become a JUDGE, or get MARRIED and teach at LAW SCHOOL, where the student’s do NOT give me a hard time. FOOEY!

Ellen, here is a good intro to interest rate swaps. Once you read this, you should have a pretty good understanding of what is going on. Then, you should talk to Myrna or someone in her company about a follow-on education session. If the managing partner is willing to spend a few bucks, there are courses in NY given by PLI and ISDA that you can enroll in which will supplement your knowledge base. Good luck!

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