Friday, August 2, 2013

have some troubel articuleating all of this stuff

So Dad's mysterious special assignment is in Langley. I'd love to say there's no way he's CIA material, but then he has almost every other prestigious American institution fooled, so no telling. If it is indeed some national security matter, we will know by the time Ellen posts on Monday. She'll either transcribe reams of state secrets or make GRATE show about how she can't share any details of her weekend with the hive. 

Yay! Fruegel Friday’s! I love Fruegel Friday’s and this fruegel blazer from H&M!!! I can go there at lunch if I go early to order it b/f my dad stop’s by in his humuoungous SUV to pick me up! I am all packed and ready to go with him on his special assignment. We are headeing first to Princeton University, where he must talk to a MENTEE who is goeing to start working where Dad used to work next year, and then we are headeing right to Langeley, which is suposedley near DC (I never heard of it) where we spend the weekend! YAY!
Dad will NOT discuss specific busness, but he will tell me alot more about the ideas he put in his PDF report to the manageing partner, and give me a few “tips” on how to aproach the manageing partner about sweeteneing the partnership “POT” for me. I love this concept but have some troubel articuleating all of this stuff to the manageing partner with a straight face b/c I know that he will know that Dad has been coacheing me!
Anyway, I lost 1 pound with my fitbit, so that is good, but I need 7 more b/f I will let Sam see my tuchus. Dad has now started pusheing me to have HIM meet Sam (Dad spent some time in London years ago), so he has some thing’s in common with Sam. Dad wants Sam to marry me so Dad can buy a house in North Carolina. But if Sam is a nose picker, he will NOT be the one. I hope dad does NOT spend the whole week brow-beateing me into why I am NOT married already, like Rosa, or have childeren, like Rosa, or have a big house in Chapaqua like Rosa, etec etec, etec…..
So anyway, if I don’t get to post much this afternoon and next week, it’s b/c I will ONLEY have my Iphone with me and it is dificult to do much with that. Mabye if Dad will let me use his MacBook Pro, I can, but he has alot of stuff on there he will NOT want to let me see. FOOEY! All the best to the HIVE! YAY!!!!
Ellen if Sam has enough money, you can hire someone to clean up after him in the spacious home he will purchase as the marital abode. Vegans eat inexpensively, and the gluten issue will pass. Marry him soon before some cutey will dazzle him with her wares, which accounts for many of the “unplanned” pregnancies over the Summer, traceable to the Hamptons–or Jackson Hole in the winter, where they are more than willing to “warm a guy up” after a day on the slopes.
Trust me, once he’s had you a few times, he’ll move on unless you’ve married him. All I-bankers are alike. They head right for home plate, but you make sure he circles the bases first.


  1. It's funny to see these comments. Maybe Ellen can meet a Princeton man with megabucks that will sweep her off of her feet. Encourage her, Ellenwatch!

    1. That's a great point, and I should have raised it before Ellen left on her trip. I hear some Princeton guys' mothers were upset about women being single, but it should really put all their concerns to rest getting Ellen as a daughter-in-law.

  2. As I see from the other posts, Princeton was a washout for Ellen. I think she should broaden her horizons, and perhaps join some social groups in the city, like the Philharmonic, the 92nd Street Y or other places where guys come not only to meet women, but also to enjoy the cultural events. That would be better than sitting in a bar waiting for a drunken slob to come up and ask her back to his place to "watch TV" or something equally unappetizing.