Saturday, August 31, 2013

thru funky neaigborhood’s

We haven't heard much about Jim for a while, but recall he's the CLEINT who seemed to be thinking about proposing to Ellen, then setteled back into being a buffoon (permanently, it seems). Unclear why Roberta wants (or feels obligated) to bring him.

I agree with KC. I have a coupel of cases where the JUDGE is holding court on the 4th, even tho it is AFTER LABOR DAY, but it is also a religious holiday, so what that mean’s is that I have to squeeze in alot of PREP work on TUESDAY when I get back from the HAMTONS so that I can shine in court on Wedenesday. Some weekend! FOOEY!
Roberta agreed that we should drive out together to the manageing partner’s party so she is pickeing me up at 5:15 am on Sunday morning and takeing the LI expressway out before the crowd’s hit the road. This is worse then work b/c I will have to be out front of my apartement waiteing for her to drive down from Riverdele (which is in the Bronx). She asked if Jim could come with us, and even tho I did not really want him to come with us, he has no other way out there (other then the train), so I said OK. All I remember from him is him makeing me drive him all over Queen’s b/c he did NOT have enough money to call his own cab. We have to stop and pick him up also but at least Roberta know’s where he lives (I have no idea — the cabbie drove us thru funky neaigborhood’s in Queens. FOOEY! He had better not stare at my boobies the way he did in St. Louis or I am going to get mad at him. He has not exactely overloaded me with new cases either. FOOEY!
I hope the other poster’s here have a good holiday weekend. I will be back in the office tomorrow workeing on my breif’s and some CLE material I am prepareing for the manageing partner to present to the bar association. He said I have to proof it better this time so that the lawyer’s do not laugh at him again. I think he should read it at least before he get’s up there this time FOOEY!

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  1. Jim was interested, but Ellen rebuffed him. In a few years, if Ellen hasn't landed some other schnook, Jim will look better and better to her. That's how come guys who are 40+ have to be wary of women who wouldn't look at them in college or into their 30s, because as they get older they are more desperate for a meal ticket. A guy who was a douche as a younger guy has not really gotten any better douchewise. He does, however, now hasa bigger bank account that females can't wait to latch onto, even if it means giving it up once a week or so as the price to do so.

    Jim is a loser, and always will be, but he has a steady job and money, and if Ellen gets over 34 or so and hasn't nabbed Sam or another monied schnook, don't be surprised if she reels in Jim or some other loser to support her lifestyle as she lounges by the pool eating Bon bons