Saturday, August 17, 2013

b/c I said to them why are you looking there.

So confronting an interviewer about his oooogleing does not tend to yield a job offer? The feminist consciousness-raising continue's. Meanwhile I'm off to transfer my Rolodex to flesh-colored paper--nobody will ever notice I'm cheating at networking event's! YAY!

Yay! Fruegel Friday’s! I love Fruegel Friday’s!
The way I would keep them straight is to write them down on a small sheet of flesh colored paper and put the paper up your LEFT sleeve (wear long sleeve’s). Then, you can always slip the piece of paper out of your sleeve and that will have ALL of the information you need if you need it.
If you are wearing a jacket, which you SHOULD, you can keep it inside your jacket. I also kept the names of the peeople I was suposed to see so that I would not forget them.
If you want to do Corporate, put them on the Corporate List, and make a sepereate list for the Litiegation firm’s.
Also, alway’s look the peeople in the eye when you talk to them. That way, they also have to look you in the eye, and they should NOT let their eye’s drift to your boobie’s, which is bad. That happened to me alot, and I did NOT get a job at OCI b/c I said to them why are you looking there. I am talkeing to you HERE!
Any way, best of luck on the OCIs. Remember that you can get a job any where, just like me, b/c I got a job in an ELEVATOR! YAY!!!!!!


  1. Welcome back! We were about to send a search party out, but we don't know a thing about you (other than our shared love for Ellen) and your hard work in commenting on her travails as a NY lawyer in $earch of love and $ucce$$ @ work.

    Sounds like your dad is like hers. That's a shame. Well we look forward to more witty commentary as in the past! Yay!

    1. Thank you for your concern. I like the idea of a $earch party that ha$ no idea where to look, nor for whom.