Wednesday, August 21, 2013

He will be the Turkey with the SUPERTUCHUS

I would have assumed MP tend's to carry any excess weight on his STOMICK, rather than out back, but perhaps around the holidays we will see. 

Note the use of four O's in P. 1. Also, I want to know what the next plans with Sam are, if any.

Kat, this is a great selection, b/c I love Anne Klein! But the V neck could be a probelem with Frank, for obvious oooogeling reasons I will NOT get into here.
For the OP, I think you can do this as long as you are PREGENENT, and mabye for a few month’s after (Rosa did it till she lost the baby pound’s, but she was svelte to begin with), but I do NOT think you should go around WITHOUT buttoning your pant’s b/c you will NEVER loose the weight other wise, especialy the weight in your TUCHUS. Rosa used bella band’s b/c she never bought a big wardrobe, so I can NOT even ask her for her maternity thing’s when I get pregenent, which will be AFTER I get married, and hopefulley VERY soon. Rosa took about a month or 2 to get back to her NORMAL weight of 103. I am so jelous of that. I will never get that light. FOOEY!
Sam sent over a box of GODIVA chocolates, which I left out at Lynn’s desk for everyone to eat. The manageing partner says Sam want’s to fatten me up like a Thanksgiving Turkey so that other guy’s will NOT be interested, but I am NOT eateing that chocolate myself. The manageing partner ate about 6 pieces already, and I onley put it out this morning! He will be the Turkey with the SUPERTUCHUS for Margie, not me! YAY!!!!

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