Tuesday, August 20, 2013

a small Booteak firm

More on the antiquity of most of the set at Manageing & MANAGEING. Also, no surprise that MP plan's to hire his non-credentialed wife to trick out the new office after they move. But isn't he concerned about the local department stores she might notice while in town? He can't prevent her from setting foot outside during breaks, can he? $10k could go awfully fast...

At my law firm (which is a small Booteak firm by Manhattan standard’s), we have artwork on the wall from the 1940′s, I think. The manageing partner says he pay’s for it as part of the MONTHLY rent to the Landlord. When we move, he said he will consider comision MARGIE to do some decoreating, including wall poster’s and print’s and he says her price is VERY reasoneable. The other partner’s said if he want’s her to decorate, fine, but the FIRM should NOT pay for it b/c she is not a professional interior design person.
The manageing partner says he will ensure she does NOT charge more then $10,000 for her services, but this is NOT goeing well with the others. Personaly, I think I can decorate my OWN office, and get my own poster’s. I saw a MONET at the Met that I can get a print of (framed for less then $100). I would LIKE that, so I will tell the manageing partner to consider getting all of our picture’s from the MET, framed, at a fraction of the cost. YAY!!!

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