Monday, August 19, 2013

There are VERY FEW Plane crashe’s

Ellen does often try to provide comfort. 

I'm not going to humor this horndog by linking to the dirty story to which "she" alludes in the last few lines here, but if you want gross mental images of a young Mr. Barshevsky--I sure didn't--feel free to search this site for "GLAZNOST." Fooey. 

I used to be afreaid of flying, but then I had to learn quick b/c the manageing partner put me on some out of town cases, and I could NOT take a train or a bus there.
So I learned quickley NOT to worry, b/c I talked first to the pilot’s about the planes and they were VERY acomodating. One even took me in the cockpitt, and showed me all of the device’s he used, and he said he was flyeing for over 20 years. Another guy said he would take me out for a drink WHEN (not if) we got there, and that made me confident he would get us there. So you should just take it easy and NOT worry about flying. There are VERY FEW Plane crashe’s. And those are cargo plane’s dad says. Dad knows all about flyeing also b/c he was in the service behind the iron curtain. I cannot tell all the stories I learned from the Komendant, or dad would skewer me. But they are VERY FUNNY (not to mom). YAY!!!!!

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