Thursday, August 1, 2013

but I do have a mommy TUCHUS

I do NOT have a mommy tummy (tho I realy want one very very soon), but I do have a mommy TUCHUS I need to get rid of quick! All this fitibit stuff is NOT workeing! DOUBEL FOOEY!
What can I wear in the back to hide this with Sam? He want’s me in the HAMTON’s, but there is no way my tuchus will get small enough to fit into a nice batheing suit, and I do NOT want to wear a suit like Grandma Leyeh’s, which she got in the 1950′s! FOOEY!
This blouse is beautiful, but it is way to open for me, b/c Frank would do NOTHING all day but sit there stareing at my Boobies! FOOEY on that!

1 comment:

  1. Stop eating the carbs, Ellen and start exercising that tuchus now. Otherwise, neither Sam nor any other self respecting guy will want any part of that tuchus! You can do it!