Saturday, March 15, 2014

a diffeiciency for 6 consecutive year’s for a total of $64,330.18

Well, at long last here we have it: the outcome of the IRS audit. After all Ellen's sweet-talking and implicit offers of employer-sponsored canoodeling, "Benjamin said nothing" when he was supposed to be rescuing his lady love from the demands for back taxes. So much for that, as they say! Sexeual pawn or not, you got nowhere, and now you're going to lose your bonus too unless you can somehow get the firm out of this bind. 

Are we ever going to hear from Benjamin again? He was talking a big game, inviting Ellen to the cherry blossom festival and all, but now that his true loyalty has been exposed I don't know if either of them can go on as they did before. 

As usual, all is lost and nothing will change. Just another day on the job for me!
What a meeting we had with the IRS! Benjamin said nothing, but the guy in charge said that he was goeing to recomend assesseing a diffeiciency for 6 consecutive year’s for a total of $64,330.18 of underpaid taxe’s. The manageing partner was very mad and said that we may have to fight this in court or we would NOT get bonuses. He is haveing Madeline, as our tax expert, get geared up, but she is NOT a litiegator. That is my job and the manageing partner’s job, but I have NOT yet litiegated a tax case, let alone one involveing MY firm. FOOEY! The manageing partner say’s I can do it, but I do NOT know who the judge’s are so I can NOT predict anything. DOUBEL FOOEY!
As for this p’ost, Grandma Leyeh is the family fashion Czarina, and she has alot of style. So she taught me how to mix and match to EXTEND my wardroobe, b/c in that way, haveing 15 different outfit’s properly matched will turn into mabye 30 more with other non-clasheing item’s. Sam says that I am very styleish, and so doe’s Myrna. I will have to mix and match alot more if we wind up paying an extra $64K to the goverment. FOOEY!


  1. Benjamin was powerless I think but still is interested in Ellen. I would give him a chance. He is local, and has not tried to jump Ellen's bones.

    1. All well and good, but where is the law firm to come up with $64K without cutting salaries? Ellen would do well to negotiate some relief here.

    2. Good question. I hope it's not out of Ellen's bonus. I have been working on getting a clothing allowance by pointing to this website. If she winds up paying for this, I will have nothing to show for my efforts.