Monday, March 31, 2014

I hope he is eligibel

Ed "has to work" for the whole family celebration weekend, and Rosa doesn't understand the detail's? You've been warned, woman

As for Prince Harry, pretty sure I'm the one who planted this idea in Ellen's scrunchie-bedecked head. (Come to think of it, I think Ed running around with someone younger was all ELLENWatch too.) You're welcome! But I agree, haveing a runner-up Prince in mind is probably a good idea.

Yay! Fruegel Friday’s!!! I LOVE fruegel Friday’s and Land’s End! Great choice, Kat!!!!!
Rosa got me a great Land’s End sweater last year, and I wash it regularley, and it has NOT shrunken or pille’d up either! I recomend it highly!!!
I am takeing off early today b/c to go home for my Birthday celabration dad and mom are hosteing for me! Rosa and the kid’s are coming down this weekend from Chapaqua, but Ed has to work. He has some sort of big closeing comeing up that he has to work on. Rosa say’s I know more about it then she does, but he does financeial stuff, and I am a WC lawyer, so I am not sure why she think’s that. FOOEY!
Myrna is driveing us out to LI so that will make it alot easier for me to carry all of my stuff back here on Sunday. Myrna says she gets 50% of the pie’s mom bake’s but I have NOT agreed to that. Dad may make her take more if he is unhappy with my tuchus, he said when I told him the cost of my ride. Dad also said that if my tuchus was to big, he would make me walk around the park 5 time’s tomorow. I said it is goieng to rain and he said then an hour on his ellyptical machine. That is OK b/c he has a 55 inch TV to watch on the ellyptical, and I can watch NETFLIX!!! YAY!!!!
It is finally getting alot warmer today when I came in I was not frozen. That is a good thing. I hope Spring is finalley here, as should the rest of the hive! The manageing partner keeps telling us about Margie and the baby. I want a baby also. Dad say’s one of his freind’s is goeing to be over this weekend with his son. I hope he is eligibel, and not a drunken alchoholic. FOOEY on that. I want a PRINCE, and if not Prince Harry, then some other Prince! YAY!!!!


  1. Ed can't be cheating, at least not so soon. He just had a baby and is now #3 for them? This would be horrible for all if he is having extramarital nookie. Working weekends is normal in the securities business. Besides, isn't Rosa a real beauty? What would prompt him to lose that?��.

    1. Anon, men are pigs. Even if they have "the perfect wife" they will cheat, and often with someone who is objectively unattractive, if not outright gross. Men are always looking for variety, and the scent of a different woman, even if generally unappealing, is what attracts men, if only for a single sexual episode. Witness most male dogs, who go from firehydrant to firehydrant to pole, lifting their leg to mark that they have been there. Amongst the humans, males are no different. They seek to enter and fertilize as many females as they can, or at least go through the motions of doing so. That is why Ellenwatch is right. Yes, Rosa may be perfect to the outside world, but to Ed, she could be a whiny demanding B****ch, and for situations like this, Ed could well take solace between the legs of any number of other females, be they at his firm, at bars or even on the street. Men have been notorious from time immemorial for cheating on their wives, even with lowly streetwalkers who, for a pittance, will provide sexual comfort with no demands. That is why you can never trust any man, unless he is neutered. Agree, Ellenwatch?