Sunday, March 2, 2014

bigger or frumpyier

Alan pitch #2. Still no response. 

I agree with Tesya. I do NOT need anything that makes my tuchus look bigger or frumpyier. FOOEY. And Tazdevil has the same problem with her boobies and men looking down her dress as I do. FOOEY on men that stare at our boobie’s. Sam is from the UK, and he says that he like’s my tuchus, but the onley person I know from the UK with a nice tuchus is Pippa Middleton. Most women do not have her tuchus, includeing me. I would be married by now, Dad says, if I had her tuchus! Tripel FOOEY b/c men still like me, but they do NOT want to marry me. I wonder how much difference a tuchus would make here.
I have to prepare for another EBT. That mean’s sitting on my tuchus for HOURS, so that is why I told dad that mine does NOT look like Pippa’s tuchus. He says no, my Fitbit should give me the same tuchus. I disagree. FOOEY!


  1. Pippa Middleton looked absolutely fabulous at her sister's wedding - she stole the show, in fact I thought. As far as tuchises are concerned, I think she outclassed almost all of England that day. And she is not married either, so I do not think that a perfect tuchis leads to a perfect husband. You need to communicate this to Ellen!

    1. Ellen probably does not have the tuchis of Pippa. But she is a US lawyer, so that has to count for something with the men of this country, no? Query whether Ellenwatch would prefer to have Ellen's brains and Pippa's tuchis, or Pippa's brains and Ellen's tuchis?

    2. I am Ellen-aspirant in every area of my life. But obviously I have to be realistic.

    3. I think I would take Pippa's tuchis, and Ellen's brains, because with a tuchis like that I would not even have to be that brainy!