Wednesday, March 5, 2014

the guy’s work FOR Myrna

Still formulaic. I guess this is what passes for getting to know Myrna. 

Hug’s to you. I can NOT tell you how many time’s I have dealt the same jerk at one of our older cleint’s who is freind’s with the manageing partner but does NOT like me b/c he think’s I am to forward for his taste’s, but he still like’s to stare at my tuchus when I get up to get a soda from the refregeratior. I think what you have to do when you are dealing with your jerk is to treat him profeassionally, and not to let on that you know that he is a jerk. You are alway’s free to smirk AFTER you leave your meeting. Make sure that you tell your boss that you know what he says is bad, and do NOT apreaciate him saying bad thing’s about you which are NOT true. FOOEY on looser’s like this one who do not treat us women with respect but who, at the same time, are the abosolute FIRST to stare at our boobie’s and tuchuse’s even tho they realy want to subjugate us just b/c we are women profesionals. DOUBEL FOOEY!
Myrna has the same probelem at work. She is treated like a child by some of their cleint’s even tho she has a gradueate degree and is VERY smart. Just b/c she is female and cute, they think she is NOT professional enough for them and alway’s look to the guy’s for answers, even tho the guy’s work FOR Myrna. She is very ticked at more then a few cleint’s who just want to have drink’s with her and grab at her once they are drunk, then they forget all about it after they sober up the next day. TRIPEL FOOEY on men like this. They need to grow up!!!

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