Thursday, March 6, 2014

he pay’s for her support and her kids support

So Earnie definitely has kid's with the ex, and it sounds like his former wife is totally reliant on him for income (minus any assets she had before--maybe indeed he married her for money?) Anyway, Rosa's excitement has not rubbed off on me, nor apparently on Ellen either. And based on how he's expected to open the conversation, this date may last 30 seconds. 

Yay! I love the Lord and Taylor sale!!! Thank’s for reminding me of it, Kat!!!!
I have to ASK my dad niceley to lift the FREEZE he put on my VISA card b/c otherwise I will NOT be abel to buy clotheing on sale, and HE will be mad if I have to spend more for the same dress.
I like this dress, but do NOT like the name Bondage Dress. If I were to tell anyone the name, they would start thinkeing that I was in to that stuff. FOOEY on that, b/c it subjugeates us as Women who are profesionals. DOUBEL FOOEY on men that think they can control our mind’s and bodie’s by labelling a dress as a BONDAGE dress. If I designed a SUIT, what would a man think if I called it a BONDAGE suit? Would I design it without a zipper so that a man would be in BONDAGE and have to pull down HIS pant’s to pee? FOOEY! That would NOT make sense, so I recomend that they CHANGE the name of the dress to some thing else. This dress is good b/c it is NOT low cut, and men can NOT see anything.
Rosa told me she was excited that I would be goeing out with Earnie. I hope he is half as good as she says, but her ex-freind must not be that crazy about him exept to the extent he pay’s for her support and her kids support. YAY for them b/c she does NOT work at all and lives in Chapaqua in the house she made Earnie leave once they got divorced. Earnie lives in a Condo in New Rochele, which is up in Weschester somewhere. I do NOT want to live in Weschester, unless it is near Rosa in Chapaqua. FOOEY on Weschester!
Today I think I will walk over to the L&T to see what I want to buy on Sale. I hope the manageing partner will reimburse me b/c I plan on getting new dresse’s for court. I will show him the internet link’s to see which dresse’s he will aprove in ADVANCE so I can just BUY them as soon as Dad UNFREEZE’S my Credit Card. Yay!!!!!!!!

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  1. This Earnie may be trouble. Anyone who is divorced from a beauty has issues (unless the beauty was the problem). I don't give it good odds.