Monday, March 17, 2014

unless your a total ditz

Gigantic news item here: Ellen has PROVIDED HER AGE AS A NUMERIC FIGURE!!! I swear, maybe once a year I feel like I'm makeing progress in my ELLENWatching capacity.

32 today, turning 33 by the end of the month. And I will hold her to the consequent chronology forever.

Meanwhile, for anyone not clicking through, she's recommending a fringe bikini in light mint for anyone who is abel to squeeze into it. Interesting that she doesn't point out how much either she or Rosa looks like the (super)model, Rosie Huntington-Whitely. I would also like to know how she decided on this particular color, one of several options. 

Yay, pricey Monday! I love pricey Monday and this jacket. But seriousely, how can I possibley wear these short’s to work? With my tuchus, no one would see anything else, especially b/c the jacket is so short and so are the short’s. I am goieng to be 33 year’s old and this is clearley a jacket for a 21 year old who is busy workeing out, not someone my age with a tuchus that is sitting at a desk doing legal research! FOOEY!
As for the OP, Congraulation’s on your inhereitance, but you must learn to be fruegal about it. I just talked to the manageing partner and he recomends just getting the inheritance transfered into your name. Once that is done, you cannot loose anything, but he says you need to properly manage it. There will ALWAYS be alot of peeople telling you what to do, but unless your a total ditz, you should be fine takeing your time and NOT doeing anything rash or stupid. Mabye you should ask your dad to manage it and you won’t need to pay a financieal planner, most of whom are not any smarter then you financieally!
I do NOT have this probelem, b/c my dad take’s care of all of my money and he invest’s whatever I get from whoever give’s it to me. Grandma Leyeh’s $50,000 never made it to my hands, and that is a good thing b/c I could have spent it stupidley. So Dad manages everything. He does want to get rid of that job and find someone to marry me. He called yesterday while I was at a basketball game at Barcleay’s Center to tell me that he has another Army buddy with a son about my age, who has a MBA degree from Vanderbilt and who is workeing down south. I said FOOEY b/c I do NOT want to work down south b/c I am ONLEY admitted in NY and do NOT want to take another bar exam at my age. He said his freind’s son come’s to NYC alot for work and will call me. I was NOT happy that dad gave my name and # out to some guy from down south w/o my permission, but I do need to get married soon so mabye this is not so bad. I have to find out more about him. I don’t even know his name so what am I do to if I get a call from this guy? I hope he is not just another looser, but he does have an MBA, so there is some hope. I want a guy from the USA who want’s more then sex from me, and so far, I have not found one. FOOEY! But I remain hopeful b/c I need to have a child soon. YAY!!!!!!
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You must have a great tuchus to even consider VS, so congratulations to you! I am not sure to many peeople here are familaer with VS, but I suggest this one.
I dare not try this one myself b/c I am SMART enough to know it is not for my tuchus! YAY!!


  1. Good Call, EllenWatch! But all is hardly lost. If Ellen is only going to be 33, that means she was born in 1981. She really is not that old, though her sister is younger and by my count, has already popped out at least two muffins out of her oven. Ellen should not be desperate at this point. What she needs is a decent guy who will marry her and impregnate her in the next 5 years. I would not rule out either of the 2 aliens. That will give her enough time to advance at work and at the same time have her 2 children while on the job. She can then just hang with Margie at the pool, with her ever expanding tuchus!

  2. I've done some research, and it appears that Rosie and Ellen may be related. According to numerous sources, Rosie is 3/8 Jewish, and, like Ellen, is related to royalty with some Polish-Jewish roots (like Grandma Leyeh). According to one reliable source:

    Rosie's great-grandfather - was the black sheep of the family. An RAF pilot, he married Enid Kohn, the daughter of an illiterate tailor, in 1929. His family did not attend the wedding in Kensington, West London.

    Enid was descended from Hyman Stump, a Jewish bootmaker from Poland, who arrived in Britain during the 1870s and settled in Spitalfields, East London, with his wife Rosie.

    Another descendant of Hyman and Rosie, Toni Price, says: 'They came over here because of the terrible lives they led in Poland. Jewish men had to do a 25-year stint in the army. They were often never seen again. There were also the pogroms.

    'If people could get out and come here for a better life, they did. A lot of Jews just loaded up their possessions on carts, walked to a port and got on a boat. My grandfather Aubrey - one of Hyman and Rosie's sons - was the loveliest person in the world. He and my grandmother had two haberdashery shops and they worked hard to better themselves.

    Enid was the daughter of Annie, the eldest of Hyman and Rosie's five children. Eric and Enid's marriage produced two sons - Nigel, Rosie's grandfather, and Philip - but Eric later abandoned his family.

    Given the foregoing, it may well be the two are related. Another source states:

    Rosie’s father is of three quarters Ashkenazi Jewish (with some Sephardi Jewish), and one quarter English, background. Rosie’s mother is likely of English ancestry. Rosie’s paternal grandparents both had funerals in churches, so it is possible that they had practiced Christianity.

    Rosie’s paternal grandfather was Nigel Charles Huntington-Whiteley (the son of Eric Arthur Huntington-Whiteley and Enid Etta Cohn/Kohn). Eric was of English (non-Jewish) background. Enid was Jewish, from a family of Polish Jewish immigrants to England.

    Rosie’s paternal grandmother was Gillian Margaret Franks (the daughter of Jacob Franks and Janatt/Janet Lily/Lilian Green). Gillian’s parents were both Jewish. Jacob was the son of Emanuel Garemmatz/Franks and Raina/Raynor/Raine Da Costa Fonrega, who were Dutch Jews. The names “Da Costa” and “Fonrega” almost certainly indicate at least some Sephardi Jewish ancestry. Janatt was the daughter of English Jews, Jacob Green, from London, and Amelia Levine, from Middlesex.

    So this may be the reason Ellen likes the model so much. They are both royal and related! Oy!

    1. This is true. And I know that tesyaa is correct as Ivanka converted to Judiasm to marry the guy, but he comes from an extremely weathly real estate family that even the Donald is in awe of.

      Also, let's not forget that Chelsea Clinton married a Jewish guy also.

      Is it any wonder, with these examples, that the average gal like Ellen does not stand a chance when all the good ones marry non-Jewish women? Not to say that Chelsea is in the same class as Ivanka -- Chelsea's claim to fame is her parents. Ivanka landed her dude on her own.

      What does Ellenwatch think of this? Does Ellenwatch think?

    2. I think you're shortchanging Mr. Barshevsky a bit if you don't think Ellen can attract a man based on her lineage. Obviously Mom and her big tuchus and half wits are best kept hidden from interested parties, but Dad? He's one of the smartest people who's ever lived, and judging by his attitude toward other people's money my guess is he's loaded too.

    3. I'd like to figure out if Mr. Barshevsky has a son or other close relative for me. I would like to become a member of said family.

  3. ...Another bar exam at her age? Poor Ellen, she's just ANCIENT at (almost?) 33.

    1. I would not want to take a bar at that age. I hope never to have to be a lawyer, so it's a mute point for me.