Monday, March 31, 2014

I am the one goeing to IRS Jail

So Ellen is in tax trouble personally as well as in her capacity at Manageing & MANAGEING! What's the common denominator? Dad and his incredible domineering paired with terrible advice, that's what. If nobody else has a paper trail impleicateing him, I do! HE IS THE ONE WHO SHOULD GO TO IRS JAIL. In both matters--though MP should certainly join him for most of the time served. 

Yay! Pricey Monday’s! But who has $1200 for this dress, Kat? OMG, Dad would skewer me! As for the OP, when you come back, you MUST tell us about Belgum. My freind, Willem is from a small town near the German BORDER, but he talk’s alot about BRUGE, and OF COURSE, BRUSSELS. I think I will like Belgum b/c I LOVE Brussel Sprout’s.
This weekend, the tax guy was out at my dad’s and dad is mad that I lost some of my coop paperwork. He said that if the coop was in HIS name, HE would get the paperwork and it would NOT have been lost. FOOEY b/c I can go back to the COOP and the president is on my floor. Also, the tax guy said I should NOT be deducteing so much for my home office. Now I lost $540 as a deduction, and that make’s me pay MORE taxe’s, dad says. Dad told me this tax guy is NOT agresive, and I should NOT worry if I get audited b/c he will be there to do all the talkeing. Madeline say’s ONLY a registered agent can come with you into an IRS audit, unless you are bringeing in your attorney, and DAD is NOT either. FOOEY on Dad b/c I am the one goeing to IRS Jail if there is a probelem. FOOEY!
This weekend, Mom baked me a Peach Cobbler for my birtheday, and Myrna ate most of it last nite when we got home. Dad told me to give ALL of it to her b/c my tuchus was to big, but I said NO, it is my birtheday. Mom agreed and gave me a second pie that dad did NOT even see. YAY!!!!


  1. I am beginning to wonder. Is Ellen getting too close to Myrna? Might this closeness result in the dismissal of men otherwise eligible for either or both? If marriage is the goal (for Ellen) might she distance herself a little until she finds and beds an eligible male? I think too many are being dismissed at Myrna's behest, perhaps because of Myrna's unnatural attraction to Ellen. Just a theory....

    1. I think Myrna may, at worst, be asexual, as I could not even envision Ellen submitting to a lesbian encounter with anyone, especially her good friend. Myrna has slept around, I believe, with men, right EllenWatch? She is likely suffering from the same symptoms as Ellen -- namely a dearth of eligible men. That is not enough to make Ellen "switch sides" as they say.