Tuesday, March 11, 2014

both kind of DINGIE!

For those of you on the edge of your seats waiting to hear whether Manageing & MANAGEING is moving offices, a long and detailed update. 

Meanwhile, still not caring for the vaguely bigoted associations between two sleazy guys and their nationality--we've talked about this, Ellen. If anyone needs a memory jog, here is the incident in which Gonzalo grabbed a larger butt than Ellen's (and she photographed it, not mentioned below). I still don't know why this remains a salient issue. It's been over a year now. 

Hug’s to you. It is NOT easy waiting on a good job. I had a very dificult time lookeing for a job when I got out of law school b/c both of my summer jobs had guy’s that were strange, and one of them was mad b/c he wanted to sleep with me but I was NOT interested in a guy who was 48 year’s old and worked for the goverment. FOOEY!
But don’t worry, you will do OK. I did literaly bump into the manageing partner delivering subpeenee’s and now I am a partner, all b/c of a subpeenee in his building –that we are STILL in–FOOEY — our new lease fell thru b/c the manageing partner did NOT put down a BINDER. Madeline did NOT tell him he needed to so he didnt and now the space is goeing to another firm. We are starteing all over again, this time near here with a few places on 34th and 35th but both kind of DINGIE! DOUBEL FOOEY b/c I want a building that is NOT older then Grandma Leyeh, and these are MUCH older then Grandma Leyeh and Grandma Trudy both. TRIPEL FOOEY!
Anyway, we are just lookeing for now, b/c all of the space is worse then what we have and we are tenant’s here on a MONTH TO MONTH basis, meaneing we can get kicked out if they get another tenant, but not to many peeople want to lease a place with stuffed up toilet’s and toilet’s in the middle of the office that do NOT have any exhauste fan’s so the poopie smell stay’s in the room. FOOEY!
Myrna told me that the South American Guy grope’d her on the escealator goeing up to Grand Central from the Lower Level. It would have been alot worse if it was summer but she had a short DOWN vest on with spandex and the guy got in a pretty good grope she said. FOOEY, b/c she should have stayed behind him on the escealator, not in front goieng up. Once they got to the top, she said WTF is that all about and he said he never had a girl as cute AND smart as Myrna and wanted to have sex back in Queen’s. Myrna said NO WAY was she goieng to have sex with him and NO WAY is that aceptable for a guy to do in the USA. I remember that Gonzalo alway’s wanted to touch me where he should NOT and I saw him one morning with his hand on some woman’s tuchus inside her jean’s as they came out of a dumpy place on Lex. Thank GOD that was not me b/c I am sure they were NOT playeing Yatzee all night and she had a big tuchus.
Myrna still has to see this guy at work, so I hope he does NOT do anything funny to her food when he serve’s her on the cafeteria line. Myrna says she will NOT eat anything he give’s her. That is terible. Is this the way men from South America treat women? If so, FOOEY on those men. FOOEY!


  1. I have learned not to dress provocatively on my first date with a new guy. Evidently, Myrna placed fashion over common sense and wound up permitting her date to cop a cheap squeeze. That is hardly the way to court a professional woman in New York, and perhaps this meant to the guy that Myrna was more of a sexual being willing to go for a quickie than someone worthy of pursuing for the long-term. Myrna should not be too surprised by this kind of behavior. After all, the guy probably did not see much in her other than a quick lay.

    1. I disagree. Myrna is as much a victim as anyone else. Just because a woman wears spandex on a date does not mean men can grab at her crotch without consequence, or expect that she is hot to trot.

  2. This South American guy is hardly good for either Ellen or Myrna. They should find domestic guys who will treat them well, both in and out of the bedroom. When you have guys who need green cards, you are looking at trouble.

  3. Does anyone know the neighborhood they work in?