Sunday, March 2, 2014

all I have is my fitbit, and some looser’s waiting to grab my tuchus!

Gee, what could possibly go wrong with this prospective setup? Rosa for whatever reason has a burned bridge with this Long Island babe, and her ex-husband gets set up with Ellen? We don't know much about Rosa as a character, but this sounds like she might be trying to cause problems for one or both women, and/or the dude if she's also on bad terms with him. 

Yay! Fruegel Friday’s! I LOVE Fruegel Friday’s and this wrap, tho I would HAVE to wear it on the weekend’s b/c the manageing partner want’s me to look alot more formal then this and he want’s me to show off for the judge, but not with this one, he say’s! FOOEY, b/c I need him to reimburse me now that dad has frozen my clotheing budget.
As for the OP, yes, it can be trying to have to deal with a schleppy lawyer or boss who claim’s they trained you when realy you trained yourself. I think in my situeation, I have a great MENTOR in the manageing partner b/c he let’s me do whatever I need to do to get the job done, but whenever we are trying to get NEW cleint’s, he alway’s says he taught me everything I know. Everything? Not realy, but he like’s to think so, so I just smile and nod YES! b/c he made me a partner!
Rosa has an ex-freind who’s husband is now divorced from her and she think’s I should meet this guy. I think I once met her ex-freind at the gym in Chapaqua, and she was very pretty. I am thinkeing that if he divorced her, why would he marry me? I know I am cute, but she was very atheletic and had a great body and tuchus. I could NOT compete with that, but mabye he would like me for my brain’s and job? I do NOT want to be thought of as someone who can work for money, but someone who can be a mother to our children. I do NOT know if she had kid’s with him, but will ask Rosa. I also do NOT want to have a Brady Bunch siuteation with a bunch of kid’s I have to shuffel over to her house 2x a week. FOOEY!
Why can’t life be simple. A decent guy who want’s children, but does NOT have alot of baggage like this one probabley does. DOUBEL FOOEY! I should have married some guy from college and by now I would have been planning a vacation. Instead, I am watching as other peeople have plan’s to go to their ski house in Vermont or to Cancun. YAY!!!! For them— but FOOEY for me b/c all I have is my fitbit, and some looser’s waiting to grab my tuchus!


  1. Ellen appears to be heading for failure. Of course a high maintenance ex-spouse who does nothing but work out and shop in the land of the Clinton's will clearly outclass a workaday gal like Ellen, whose tuchis is far to large for a guy used to paying thousands to have his ex-wife lounge about at the country club all day. If this guy is going to repeat that, he will surely want to find a 20 something with model-looks, not someone like Ellen, who is anxious to get pregnant and have children. No, poor Ellen is doomed to failure with this guy unless she becomes an entirely different person.

  2. Don't short change Ellen. She may not have real model-type looks, but she still must be pretty good, especially for a female lawyer, who typically are not known for being attractive. In fact, most female lawyers I've worked with are not attractive at all.

    1. This can't be Ellen with all of the male attention she's been getting. I say let her shag every guy she can for the next 3 months and I am nearly sure she will wind up with a muffin in the oven.