Saturday, March 15, 2014

I think I am being used as a sexueal pawn

Well, we know that Ellen is a sexueal pawn. But the bottom two lines here are definitely trollier than usual. More and more it seem's like this character capitulates to old men's control of her money (Dad, MP) and body (Dad, MP) and is Yay!!!-ing all the way home because appropriate discipline is beyond her own capabilities. Also, you know, it's one less thing. (Two less things.) 

The particularly glaring case in point here is that she seems almost ok with the proposition of sleeping with Benjamin in order to shut down the audit because she gets a blouse and a head-pat from her boss out of the deal. Where is the uber-prude, inviolable Ellen, who couldn't even tolerate ooogleing? I would say maybe age is changeing her, but since we're not sure she's aging even that is unclear. 

Yay! Someone I can help! When I saw a situeation like this at the NYSC where a woman balarina/dancer was doing floor exercise’s, I went right up to the woman and told her that she had a split in her tight’s and 3 men were stareing at her split tight’s (so they could fanticize I supose about beieng with her sexueally. FOOEY!). She was very happy b/c I told her and I also old her about the 3 guy’s who were watching –through the mirror — at her when she did the exercise’s.
She went back into the locker room and put on another pair of tight’s WITHOUT a hole in them so there was NOTHING for the guy’s to be stareing at. But those 3 guys kept stareing at her anyway, I supose imagineing that they were with her b/c she was so supple! FOOEY!
I have to prepare a POWERPOINT slide for a meeting the manageing partner is having with the IRS, who is comeing back Friday to go over acrueals. I said Frank should do it, but he want’s me in the game with him (and in the room) b/c Benjamin will be there. I think I am being used as a sexueal pawn b/c men like to see me. I was told to wear all RED with fire engine red lipstick and a white BLOUSE, so I told the manageing partner my white blouse had a marinara stain on it so he gave me $100 to go buy a new one to be ready Friday! YAY! Sometime’s it’s good to be a sexueal pawn!!!!!! Especially when I get a new BLOUSE out of it!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Ellen is slowly coming to the conclusion she does not walk on water and needs to snare a guy quick; at almost any cost. Daddy had coddled her but now he too is tired of it. I think he no longer cares who the guy is as long as HE does not have to support the both of them. Even bad-toothed Sam is fine by him because he has a job and is not averse to children with Ellen.

    I suggest Ellen grab him because she needs more at this point in her life to get plowed by multiple guys.

  2. Grab who, Sam? Ellenwatch, please tell your posters to be more careful.