Monday, March 31, 2014

if it is fasheiaonable if it is busted by the schmoe’s

For the first time, we have a projection for Ellen's look aged a bit: Tory Burch. One could obviously do much worse! But again: RICH HUSBAND(S). If her cheekbones and wind-kissed blond are so great, why can't Ellen bag the goods too? 

Scroll down for another inexplicable apostrophe (we were already seeing po'st, but here we have a word containing no S at all). Also, who is to blame for Frank's leering? Mrs. Frank, duh. Maybe she should get pregnant like Margie (and Lynn? ehhh?????) Unless she's too old, in which case of course the oogleing will continue. 

Yay! I love Tory Birch and this satchel. Dad say’s that I will probabley eventualley look alot like Tory Birch when I get older. YAY!!!!!
As for the OP, I think that you should get him a sachel (a male version of coarse), b/c if he is goeing to be doieng alot of travelling, then he will need something to carry his stuff in. I bought Dad a huge Schlepper for when he went with mom to Asia about 15 year’s ago, but the dummy’s on the airplane threw the Schlepper onto the conveyer belt and busted the zipper wide open so by the time dad got it, it was all tape’d up. FOOEY!
And this was BEFORE 9/11! DOUBEL Fooey! So I went back to the luggage place with the schlepper and they gave me my money back and I got dad a different schlepper. The morale of the story is: DO NOT go for fashion with a schlepper; go for strength and a good zipper. Who care’s if it is fasheiaonable if it is busted by the schmoe’s in the airport? I was very mad when DAD told me the STORY. FOOEY on Schleppers that can not schlepp!
I asked Frank for another W2, b/c I lost mine, so he has to go back and print one out. He took the chance to stare right at my boobie’s when he said that he would have to looke all over for a replacement. He should not have to looke there to find the W2, right? I wish Frank’s wife would be more giveing to him so that he would not have to be stareing at me and my boobie’s all day! FOOEY on that!


  1. Tory Burch is gorgeous! Ellen ought to be able to land a man of quality, but should be more demure.

    1. Anon, you should only be demure with a guy before you have hooked him. Once hooked (i.e. married), you have to make sure to lay down the law to keep him in line. I do agree that this involves a certain amount of premarital deception, but that is often what it takes to land a guy, and is not much different from holding out from having sex with a guy even though you are longing for it yourself, so that the guy is so anxious to hump and grab your virginity (or so he thinks) that he will do virtually anything to get into you, including if necessary, agreeing to marry you, or support your alcoholic parents, as my friend's dad did. Men are like fish that need to be reeled in, ever so slowly, but surely. Do not give away your virginity, if he is the first, or even if you are no longer virginal, your "first time" with him, until after you have been together at least a dozen times. This is a lesson all too few women today have learned.