Tuesday, March 25, 2014

lookeing at questionable websights

"Restrunt" is one of the more consistent misspellings--I cannot remember any other variation's and I don't think she's ever put it correctly. 

Not much else to see here, I'm afraid: Myrna's friend who does food prep is the one who grabbed her on a recent attempted date, if folks recall, and Mason and Lynn are still getting the tsk-tsk. Ellen did refrain from mentioning Lynn's weight gain this time, however. It's too early for baby shower invitations, but maybe some other clues are popping up around the office? 

Yes, you have to remember that peeople who work in a restrunt are NOT generally dietician’s and they then have to relay things to the cook, who is also not alway’s the sharpest KNIFE in the drawer. So do NOT be suprized if they mess up your order’s b/c there are alot of peeople with different allergie’s and some do not like GLUTEN and others do (personaly, I LOVE GLUTEN! YAY!).
I know that Gonzalo often has to deal with peeople with special need’s in the food departement, and he compleained to me that there were so many request’s he could NOT keep them straight. Also, Myrna’s friend who works on the food line–do we realy trust that guy to do anything other than grab tuchus? I wouldn’t. FOOEY on him! Imagine me trusteing him with a complex food order? No way HOZE!!!
I do NOT have access to my email’s today b/c I was in court, but am tryieng to get a new IPAD that has more then WIFI. If I had wireless, I could acess the Internet and my case file’s from anywhere. That’s alot better than goieng into Starbuck’s to get a signal or back home, where I have my OWN wireless ROOTER! YAY!!!! I will see if I can get the manageing partner to buy me a new IPAD and I will give the firm the old one. I think Mason can use it, and I do NOT want him useing it at Lynn’s house b/c who know’s what they would be lookeing at on the INTERNET. DOUBEL FOOEY! ALL I need is for them to be lookeing at questionable websights, b/c I would be the one to get into troubel. TRIPLE FOOEY!

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  1. I wonder if Ellen knows the correct term is a wireless ROUTER. She keeps using the term ROOTER, which reminds me of Roto-ROOTER, which is a plumbing/sewer cleaner.