Wednesday, March 5, 2014

after they have sampeled our bodie’s

Oh good--Myrna is being appropriately guilted about not being married at this stage (and in this svelte form). I've never known what her excuse is, but it seems nobody in the story thought to judge about it until I raised concerns this past weekend. We have no time to waste, folks! Don't leave me to spot the spinsters!

Yay! Pricey Monday’s — I love pricey Monday’s but agree with the OP that it is to short and to expensive. I could NEVER wear this at work b/c I would need a VERY high waste, and my tuchus would come out the back end of this. FOOEY!! There are other way’s I can blow $450 then this, Kat, and beleive me, I WILL spend the money when dad unfreeze’s my credit card’s! DOUBEL FOOEY!
I did watch the Oscar’s last nite, and LOVED Charleize Thereon’s dress, tho am SHOCKED that she would be dateing Shawn Pen. He is hardley the kind of guy I would want to be haveing sex with, especialy if I looked like her. I also liked Sandra Buloock’s dress, but wished she won the Oscar b/c so many other’s from that movie did! I did NOT care for the schrunchie on the black woman’s head. She seemed nice, but that is NOT the place for a schrunchie! Even the manageing partner came in to yell at ME about schrunchies, telleing me that now even movie star’s are wearing them. I told him that I can NOT influence MOVIE star’s–I follow them. I can’t wait to see what Marie Claire will say about the RED CARPET!
There is another p’ost up top about some guy who is embarasing someone’s AUNT. I say FOOEY, why be married to a doosh? Dump the jack ass and find another person especialy if she is young and can find another guy to suport her. She does NOT have to live with an ass.
Dad came in and bought me a Ipad MINI with retena display and 64 gigabite’s of memory. I wanted a bigger one, but he said I am NOT even useing 10 gigabite’s on my Iphone! I do NOT know how he evenknow’s that. Mabye he get’s a feed from APPLE like he get’s from Fitbit. Dad was happy with my tuchus for a change. I think he know’s that I am workeing out. He also did say I should look more like Myrna. How can I do that? I told him she was an athelete and I am not. He said to Myrna she should be married also, and Myrna agreed, but told him that guys in NYC just want to take our clotheing off, have sex, then walk out after they have sampeled our bodie’s. I think Dad know’s that b/c he did EXACTELY that when he was in the Army. He told Myrna I may have alot of half brother’s and sister’s in Europe! That is funny b/c they probabely all have bad teeth, but I do not b/c I go to Dr. Vine! YAY!!!!!

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