Saturday, March 8, 2014

the man carries the both of us financeally b/c we carried tha child

So Ellen is "almost 3 years older" than the poster from this thread, who was 30. This would mean she's 32 right now but turning 33 this month. (AGAIN, ELLEN, IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY MONTH--DON'T FORGET TO HAVE A BIRTHDAY WITHIN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS THX) We've gotten fairly close before to a specific age, and she has then rescinded, but this is now our latest data on authority. For what it's worth, it doesn't seriously contravene anything I already had on the record regarding Ellen's vintage. 

In other news, Margie (manageing partner's second and much younger wife) is pregnant. Gross! I don't like the before, after, or even present on this. I also anticipate a lot of dumbass comments from the expectant father. We never did hear whether he has kids from his first marriage, but if so they're old enough to be junior associates by now. 

Hug’s to you. I am almost 3 years older then you, and am faceing the same issue’s. My boss tho does like children, as Margie is NOW pregnant and she is alot younger then the manageing partner.
Yes, I think thing’s will change. I also like goeing to the health club, and eateing at Crumb’s but know that once I am pregenant I will NOT be abel to to that anymore, and I will NOT be abel to stay up late eateing pie’s with Myrna b/c I will have to have a better regiment in sleep and diet.
Also, my clotheing budget will have to change; no more styeish outfit’s until after I loose weight after the Baby is born and no more silly impulse thing’s for ME b/c it will be for the baby. Grandma Leyeh and Grandma Trudy are already discusseing who will take care of the baby while I am at work, but if I marry WILLEM (or Sam), mabye that will be a moot point b/c I may have to live in Belgum or the UK.
And yes, workeing hours could be a probelem. No way will I work 40 hour’s a week, or even BILL 40 hour’s a week for the first year. That is why I need to MARRY a guy who has alot of money and can suport me and our BABY without me haveing to work at ALL! That should be the goal of all of us. We carry the child, the man carries the both of us financeally b/c we carried tha child. Men have it easy. All they have to do is get us pregenent (which is fun for them) and then they just watch as our boobies and tuchuses grow to handel the baby. We are the one’s that have to give birth and take care of the babie’s and that is alot of work. Rosa said that she was onley back from the hospital for 2 day’s before Ed wanted sex, and she was NOT even in a condition to do anything, especialy regular sex. FOOEY! I hope my husband is alot more considereate of me and the baby.
For now, my biggest probelem is finding a guy. The artificieal insemination thing is also a possibility, but I do NOT want to have to bring up a baby by myself, even if Grandma Leyeh or Grandma Trudy help with the baby. Now that I am OVER 30, I think it is my time to take it a littel slower! YAY!!!!!!!


  1. I agree the managing partner is robbing the cradle with Margie. He must be in his 60's, at least, and Margie can't be much older than Ellen. In addition to him robbing the cradle with Margie, now Ellen will be clock watching more than ever, as her own fertility wanes without a husband.

    I also am concerned about Earnie, who will be able to smell how desperate Ellen is to find a spouse and reproduce. I hope Ellen handles him accordingly.

  2. I haven't been reading the managing partner as a 60 something... maybe just a sleaze bag in his late 40s or so. Anyway, it's all gross, like most of Ellen's discussions of body functions.

    Not sure about the age, though. Wasn't she 35 just last week?

    1. 1) MP has a nephew who's in his mid-twenties (Harold). It's possible that he's only in his forties, but that's not what I'd pictured.

      2) Indeed--Ellen said recently that she'd be turning 50 in fifteen years. I don't imagine she's any better at math than she is at syntax, in fact she's probably worse, but I also allow that she may have been rounding.

      Both of these topics are still open as far as I'm concerned. Thanks.

    2. Didn't Ellen date Harold? I have some recollection of that guy making a play for her. She would not want the managing partner to be disappointed if Harold struck out, would she? I am surprised the manageing partner hasn't brought up his new son-to-be?