Sunday, March 2, 2014

he want’s to foiest this off

I was surprised at this one, because--look at all the highlight's--here it seems Ellen is relieved and welcoming vis-a-vis Dad's control of her finances, whereas usually in the past she's done nothing but complain about it or, at best, express resignation. They even went through a brief period of not speaking due to related disagreements. What give's?

My dad has 100% control over the inflow’s and outflow’s of my money, other then the ATM which I DO have withdrawl authority over. As long as it is cash, I can spend it. But NO use of the PERSONAL credit card, or my L&T or BLOOMIES card’s can be made w/o his PRIOR consent, even if the manageing partner is reimburseing me for clotheing.
Myrna say’s this is dumb, but this is the ONLEY way that I have been abel to maintain a saving’s account, b/c dad control’s it. I also have a 401(k) thru work that there is a deduction for each pay period, and dad control’s all outflow’s from my acount to pay for my COOP Mainteneance bills, and the credit card’s which are approved, get paid by DAD, not me, thru his checking POWER over my account.
This free’s me up to be a lawyer, tho dad is thinkeing that he want’s to foiest this off on a guy who will MARRY me and take all of this off his back. He says that at his age and MY age, I should be more responsibel, but I do NOT care, b/c this way, I have more time for fun! YAY!!!!!


  1. Perhaps Ellen realises that she would never have the bank / investment account she has if she relied on her own expertise. Dad may be a SOB, but he knows how to manage her finances and she knows it.

  2. Will a guy with money and a desire to be henpecked to death kindly step up and volunteer to impregnate Ellen? Only in this way will Ellen get the child she so desires, and at the same time, be able to nail down some guy to support her, which guy will regret pulling his pants down to pork her for the rest of his life!

    1. You are just jealous that you are not getting "porked" like Ellen. Live and let live, I say, and if that involves her going to bed with others to find a father for her child, then so be it.