Sunday, March 23, 2014

he did NOT say anything good about our firm

Here's the latest on the Mason-Lynn romance, as well as the latter's weight gain.  I agree it looks like a pretty dire situation, hurtling quickly toward her, and that's even allowing for the possibility that "chunky" is actually pregnant. 

This is a good question. When I interviewed MASON, he answered that he needed a job and that all the big firm’s rejected him. I thought that was VERY honest even tho he did NOT say anything good about our firm. I think he got the JOB b/c he had some conection with the manageing partner, but I forget what that was. Right now I know he is happy here b/c he is busy haveing sex with Lynn every night. Since he has a steady girlfreind who is sleepeing with him, he does NOT have to go out to the bars to meet women. I think that Lynn is getting chunky tho, so mabye he will need to go out to the bar’s b/c even if she is sleepeing with him, he may not want sex if she does not take better care of herself. FOOEY on men that just want us for sex. Unfortuneately, Lynn is not educated like me, so all she realy has to offer men is good sex. DOUBEL FOOEY on men who onley look at women for sex.

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  1. Mason sounds to be a typical millenial, self absorbed and able to find a woman on site willng to sleep with him. I don't hold out much hope that his guy will amount to a hill of beans over the long term. Whatever connection he has to the firm will not be strong enough to keep him if he winds up impregnating Lynn.