Saturday, March 15, 2014

we are trueley SOUL sister’s.

Interesting how Ellen vacillates between grandiose over-self-estimation and frank/sad assessments like this one below. It's either all about how beautiful and successful she is, or else a perfect storm of manipulation, rejection, and overgrown butt. In some respects she does resemble a real person, no denying it. No surprise that the weight change has reversed course and we are once again left to worry about bathing suit feasibility. 

I'm relieved to see that she appears not to be forgetting her birthday this year (granted, I've posted several reminders). We have about two weeks to get this out of the way, friend! Make sure it doesn't turn into April. 

Yay! Open Thread’s! I love Open thread’s!
As for the OP, Hug’s to you b/c I am in the SAME Place as you. In fact I could have writen your p’ost, so we are trueley SOUL sister’s. But beleive me, you are accomplisheing alot, and it won’t be long until you find your OWN majical prince Charming who will sweep you off of your feet, take you to his castel, and MARRY you, b/c you are acomplished, have a good job, and are self suficieint.
In fact, you sound more self suficient then me, b/c I do NOT have many freind’s left from college that I still comunicate with. My work has taken over my life, and the guy’s I meet do NOT want to marry me, but just want to have sex. Even Benjamin was stareing at my boobies yesterday thru my new white silk blouse that the manageing partner made me buy and wear to distract him. So I worry now that my birthday is comeing up, that I am also getting a little old for the sex thing, and that I will need to attract men with my brains as my look’s fade. Also, my tuchus is getting bigger and now I need for it to get smaller if I am to go to the Hamton’s, I cannot have a big tuchus with my batheing suit’s, even the one piece one’s will NOT look good if my tuchus is coming out of both side’s. FOOEY!
So you should keep workeing, but work out like me to try and keep your tuchus slim, and do NOT eat alot of food if you are planning on goieng to the Hamton’s. In the mean time, know that you are a profesional who can do ANYTHING if you put you’re mind to it. YAY!!!!


  1. Ellen needs to go to the gym to slim down. Once she does, men will come back, but she should not try to get men by sleeping around. Alan is a loser.

  2. It's not just the gym. She needs to take up Vikram Yoga. If she wants to get a guy to marry her she's got to master the Ynatok position. For those unfamiliar, she must have the flexibility to place and hold both ankles behind each earlobe. In my country, almost all women who are capable of holding the Ynatok position have married and borne children within 1 year. If this is what Ellen wants, she needs to get started now.

  3. I think it is more popularly called Vinyassa Yoga, Nouri, and the Ynatok position can be done by one or both legs. This video shows that even a porky woman can do it and in the process, get a man if she does it without clotheing.

    1. Love the poses in this video. But I do not recommend doing this unprepared, with or without panties on. Sure it's a turn on for the guys but no gal should have to pull a muscle or a ligament just for the privilege of showing off her cooter to a guy. Besides, they've seen enough magazines to know what it looks like anyway.

    2. It's not a turn on unless you are very clean and well groomed, Anon.