Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I would like ice cream a la mode.

I like this one. But my feedback would have been a little different: ice cream with ice cream is very nourishing to the tuchus--more than ok. She seems to really be asking whether it's ok for your father, your fitbit, your marriage prospects, your skirt suit etc. 

I would like ice cream a la mode. Is that ok for your tuchus?
  • You want ice cream with ice cream on top? No, two scoops are never okay for your tuchus. Next thing you know, people will be wanting waffle cones. Nobody wants to see that. 8)

1 comment:

  1. Ellen has to make sure not to eat too many bad things. I saw on Corporette that she is going to capitulate and buy size 4 clothing, rather than try and squeeze into her size 2s. That is giving in. Having Ice Cream plus topping is not going to help matters, and needless to say, too big a tuchus is not an asset for any girl looking to find a guy willing to marry her.