Saturday, March 15, 2014

Even Alan had a littel discretion

It is very nice, Kat! Great selection! I will show ROSA, but she gave me a bum lead with Earnie! Fooey on him and his trust fund. I am CONVINCED that guy’s like that get divorced b/c they think way to much of themselves, and while I have NOT met his EX, I am sure she got sick of the wining for sex that he started in with me with. DOUBEL FOOEY! What woman want’s to listen to a guy wine about not getting enough sex? What was I suposed to say? Sorry for your situeation, here, let’s go back to my place where you can poke and prod all you want with me? FOOEY on that! I have better thing’s to do then be a sex cushion for some schmoe who want’s to do pushup’s on me. Even Alan had a littel discretion, NOT wining in public about wanting sex. TRIPEL FOOEY!
I am stunned that we are now staying here all b/c Madeline — OUR real estate lawyer, did NOT have us put a binder down. I did NOT read the lease, but it must have said SOMETHING!?! I want an office with a window, not a door that look’s over to Frank’s office and the toilet. FOOEY! I will ask dad if he could have a guy help us find space. The manageing partner does NOT seem to care about anything but Margie’s pregneancy. I am sure he does NOT wine about anything w/her b/c she is much younger then him and she obviouseley does NOT mind haveing sex with him and they now have a child on the way! YAY!!!!!!


  1. At least Ellen resisted any urge to couple with Earnie. Kudos to her!

  2. Earnie was a loser. No big deal she kept him at bay.

  3. Has there been any follow up with Rosa for hooking her up with Earnie? Where is Ellenwatch on all this? I would have thought she would have provided some insight rather than just posting this one without comment. My guess is that Ellenwatch is, herself, getting it on the side from an unnamed source.