Sunday, March 23, 2014

my score’s were way to low

Yay! Fruegel Friday’s!!!! I love FRUEGEL Friday’s and even this blouse, Kat — great pick. My onley concern is that Frank would be pulling at the bow under the guyze that it was to loose and he should tighten it for me, but in reality, he would be takeing a cheep look at my boobie’s, which he should NOT be doeing! FOOEY! He has his wife’s boobie’s to be stareing at so he does NOT need mine to be lookeing at! DOUBEL FOOEY!
As for the OP, yes, you should study hard for the GMAT’s. I studied for the LSAT’s but did not do to well so I took them over. I did get into to GW, but dad say’s that is because he made a contribution and I was there UNDERGRAD, but he wanted me to go to MIT or Harvard or Stamford, b/c Dad knew peeople there and would have been a LEGACY, but my score’s were way to low and they did NOT let peeople come in for interview’s back then to boost there score’s up. FOOEY b/c I wish I had a HARVARD law degree. I know a guy from Harvard Law, and I think I am alot smarter then he is and even Dad think’s he is not that smart.
This weekend, I have to do 30,000 step’s on my FITBIT dad says b/c I am falleing behind, and dad say’s my behind is falling, meaning my TUCHUS. He is such a comedian, but I know he just wants to get me MARRIED, and I know that men like women with very tight TUCHUSES, like Myrna, dad say’s but I said to him that Myrna is NOT married even with a tight tuchus. He said that is b/c she is to pickey, and if she wanted to be married, there would be any number of Schlub’s standeing in line waiting for her tuchus. Big deal, I told him b/c there are more then a few guy’s who like my tuchus, starteing with Gonzalo (FOOEY) and ending with Willem and Sam, with David and some other doufesses in between. Even guy’s in college were very interested in me when my tuchus was the same as it is now. FOOEY on dad for thinking that the sun rises and set’s on a girls’ tuchus! DOUBEL FOOEY!
This weekend, Myrna and I are goeing to go to the Museum and look at the Dinasour’s. I love the dinasour’s and she say’s there are good lookeing guy’s who are there, so mabye we can meet guy’s who want to MARRY us, tuchuses and all. In any event, I will get my FITBIT step’s in there, even if I do NOT meet my Prince Charmeing! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Ellen should sleep with as many men as possible so that she can pick who gives her the most pleasure. She deserves no less.

    1. If she went to Harvard law, the guys would have been lined waiting to marry her. Too bad her scores did not warrant admission, even with Dad being an alum. This proves that Harvard does not discriminate based on looks.

    2. I think the term is "sexual sampling."

    3. I would be careful before allowing just any man to sexually sample me. Most guys just want to get off and then roll off and walk away. Who in their right mind would let guys like this have their way with us? The men she is dating appear all to be losers, even if they are employed.