Saturday, March 15, 2014

petrified bubbel gum

We already knew about the old gum encrusted on to the furniture at Manageing & MANAGEING. And it figure's that the first person getting free of it was MP--who say's this new office is ever going to happen anyway? Of course he's outfitted his personal digs with all new stuff. 

Meanwhile, Alan is back yet again. I too want to know why Ellen isn't at least acknowledging his posts. Previous ones (within the past few weeks) have included sweet nothings, promises of change, and a marriage proposal. 

Yay! What a GREAT idea!!!! — I have to ask the manageing partner about getting an OFFICE DECOR Allowance, but not for here. I do NOT want to spend it on this dingie place. I think it make’s sense for me to wait, and then ask for a profesional decorator to come do the whole new office setup. YAY! I think we would NOT be moveing this smelley old furniture to a new place anyway.
My chair is a joke, and there is petrified bubbel gum in my desk and under the chair. The manageing partner is the onley one that has nice furniture that he bought last year. He kept telleing me how nice it is and how much he spent on it. I hope he keep’s it and does NOT give it to me. It is DARK leathery stuff FOOEY! I like BEIGE or WHITE not that. Beside’s the manageing partner has been sitteing in his chair for a while and his tuchus is much bigger then mine. FOOEY! I say give it to Frank.
We are waiting for the IRS, and Frank is busy stareing at his spread sheet’s and then lookeing at me — I do NOT want to talk about the acrueals, and the manageing partner just want’s me to sit there with my red dress on and look good. He think’s that with ME as the distraction in the conference room, the IRS guy (and Benjamin) will moove on to other thing’s (includeing another audit they are doing in NYC). Benjamin told me about the other audit, but we are NOT suposed to know about it.
It was very cold today and I told my dad about the audit, so he said I did NOT have to walk in. The train was busy and there was an explosion up on Park Ave where peeople were killed by a gas leak. I feel VERY bad for those peeople. Dad said my coop should NOT have this probelem b/c it is only 5 year’s old, and the pipe’s are not old, but he is goieng to check with the Board of the Coop to see if they are useing copper pipe or cast iron pipe. He does NOT want me living in an unsafe place, and neither do I. YAY DAD!


  1. Is this the real Alan? If she is desperate she could well take him back to her bed, farting and all.

    1. It is likely a fake. One of the sex-starved women on Corporette is day dreaming instead of working and this is the result of same.

    2. I agree. This woman needs male attention, and it's not from Alan.

    3. Perhaps she is the one that needs to watch the Yoga video.