Saturday, March 15, 2014

alot of HELECOPTER parent’s

Ellen very belatedly realizes that way too much time has gone by in which Myrna's singledom went un-shamed. I don't know how this escaped her, for years and years, but am wondering if finding a husband for Myrna is suddenly going to become almost as urgent as fixing her own pitiful situation.

Yay! I love this dress, but it is in Bloomie’s, where I am aparantely no longer welcome. All b/c I scraped my shoe off in the carpeteing departement, which is what alot of peeople do. FOOEY!
As for the OP, I understand where you are comeing from, b/c there are alot of HELECOPTER parent’s — in some way, even my dad was like that, but by being HELECOPTER parent’s I was abel to focus my attention on my studie’s, not haveing to tend to alot of administrative thing’s like housing bills, and food plan bills and tuition and other thing’s that had to get paid and alot of other thing’s that I DON’T even know about. Dad came in or called in and took care of everything, so I could just study! YAY!!!
And as a result, I am where I am now. A competent professional attorney at law, with her own job and her own apartement in the City! YAY!!!! My onley issue even dad can’t fix. Findeing a guy to MARRY me and suport me and our children. FOOEY!
Earnie is a looser. All he think’s is that women in the city are haveing sex all the time and do not even care about thing’s like setteling down and getting married. How wrong is he? He say’s that his wife stopped haveing sex with him, but he also said that he wanted sex EVERY day! I would NOT have sex with him every day even if we were MARRIED. I need a littel time for myself, and there will be day’s that I am NOT interested in a sweaty guy huffing and puffing on top of me. DOUBEL FOOEY if that is why he got divorced. He also has to pay for his children and his first wife’s house in Chapaqua, and he only has a trust fund but NO job, meaneing that he would be hanging around all day, lookeing for sex with me. No, I will NOT meet him in New Rochele, even if it is true he can see LONG Island from his window.
Myrna told me that her freind from South America was leering at her when she came down for an omlete yesterday. She decided to have OATMEAL instead. I do NOT like oatmeal so I would go some where else for an omlete. Myrna should mabye find a guy to marry also so that she will NOT have to have looser’s grope at her crotch again. FOOEY on men that do that. I think she should think of turning him in b/c she did NOTHING to invite that kind of action. DOUBEL FOOEY. WHAT DOES THE HIVE THINK?


  1. I've got news for Ellen. Most guys looking at a city woman over 30 who is unmarried think the same way. We're looking for quick and easy chances to rub uglies but that's it. No commitments, just sex. Why a guy would put up with all the baggage these women carry is beyond me. The only reason they even go out at all with them is for the guaranteed sex they get that the 20 somethings are not giving on the first date. But once those women turn 30 and remain unhitched, they will soon be willing to screw most any guy with a steady job; often the same guys they specifically spurned in college!

    1. You seriously believe that women in the city over 30 automatically spread after dinner for guys like you? Get real! Who is this guy Ellenwatch? What hole has he just crawled out of?

    2. As an over 30 woman in NYC I can vouch that I do NOT spread eagle every time a guy buys me dinner and takes me home. And there are dozens of guys with blue balls who will back me up on this one.