Thursday, March 6, 2014

I have used alot of those lesson’s with the manageing partner

I've found two Dr. Dunns at George Washington University, but neither looks likely to have taught child psychology. Could this possibly be a spelling error, committed by Ellen? I did not search further. 

Kat, I love this SHEATHE DRESS and I totaly love TAHARI. I will get the manageing partner to pay me for this one!!!!
As for the OP, Hug’s. Do NOT worry about sunk cost’s, but instead what you WANT to do for the rest of your life. I figured out I wanted to be a lawyer, even tho I majored in Social Studie’s in college, and THEN thought I would be a 4th Grade Teacher. FOOEY! All the classe’s I took were realy not to valuable for law school, exept mabye child psychology. I have used alot of those lesson’s with the manageing partner to get him to do thing’s for me that I could not get if I did not take that course. Thank you, Professor Dunn!
Anyway, as for the OP, think FORWARD, not backward, and you will be better off. YAY!!!!!


  1. Was Dr. Dunn the geezer that was after Ellen in college? I do not recall specifics here, but perhaps Ellen Watch knows?

    1. A number of faculty and administrators from the law school were interested, but we had I believe one, maximum, during undergrad. No leads on a name or discipline.

    2. I'd be willing to bet Dr. Dunn was interested in Ellen. Not sure if he ever acted on it, but Ellen certainly remembers him years later! He probably lusted after Ellen, calling her into his office to review the latest developments!