Thursday, March 6, 2014

I can not imageing anything they would have in common

Leave it to Ellen to divine that Vera and Alexander Wang are a fashion power couple! The age differential actually makes them more likely to be mother-son. But it turns out that not everyone in the world is related--not even Ellen and Maria Scharapova. 

Yay! I love Alexander Wang — But I love VERA Wang even More!!! I wonder if they are MARRIED??? I do NOT have a satchel, just a lit bag, and yesterday I had Mason carrying it instead of me b/c I wanted to carry my Starbuck’s Coffee and muffin. Normaly I go to Crumb’s, but there was NOT time to do much before court, so I had to get BOTH at the same place. FOOEY on the muffin. I did NOT even finish it, b/c they would NOT let food inside the courtroom, and I had to hurry to drink the COFFEE. I think they do NOT want peeople eating and then having to LEAVE to go to the toilet when there case’s are called.
As for the OP, yes, you are sick, but the good new’s is that you will get better. I remember that Alan alway’s came over when he was sick for ME to take care of him. Why he could not go back home to mom was a MYSTERY. But he was alway’s sneezeing and wheezeing and bloweing his nose all over the place, some times right into my down pillow’s (which I had to throw out b/c of his smell that did NOT come out, and I could NOT wash those pillow’s). I wonder if other women in the hive had to dispose of bedding after THEY dumped there EXE’s? That would be interesting for KAT to ask the hive. I will bet they did. FOOEY!
Myrna met a guy from South America who want’s to date her, but he work’s in food service at her company. He knows alot about cookeing and he made her an omlete. I can not imageing anything they would have in common, but we will see. He is very persistent and he think’s she smell’s nice. I wonder how close he got to her to figure that out? FOOEY! He probabley smell’s like egg’s. DOUBEL FOOEY!
Sam want’s me to go out to a Botanical Garden show somewhere. What do I care about plant’s this time of year. In the UK, they love this but not so much for me. Willem also wan’ts me to go to something else, but I forgot. The next time he text’s I will have to figure out what he said on the phone. His Belgan accent is tough to understand some times. But he still want’s to marry me. YAY!!! At least someone is interested in me for my MIND, not just my body, b/c I have NOT taken any clotheing off for him yet, even tho Myrna says I should by now. YAY!!!!


  1. Ellen must remember her foray with her own Hispanic squeeze, Gonzalo, and worries for Myrna's tuchis! Let's see if Myrna is able to control her new boyfriend!

  2. As it turned out, Ellen was right. They had nothing in common, other than perhaps a desire for companionship which was quickly thrashed by the guy once he grabbed Myrna directly in the crotch.