Tuesday, March 11, 2014

he might have fayneted or was constapated or mabye had diarea

Well of course Earnie was a dud. As I had already said, NOBODY had any hopes for this date. (And I can't believe he seem's to think there's going to be another one.)

Interesting theory about the end of daylight savings bringing out the looser's. I seem to remember Spring 2013 was also pretty inauspicious for Ellen's romantic life. If other times of year were any better, it might even look cyclical. 

Yay! Pricey Monday’s. I wish I could aford this dress. Mabye Rosa can; she has Ed. I have no one. This schmoe, Earnie, turned out to be a looser. He came down, and compleained to me the whole time why he got divorced. He said that his wife compeateley shut him out sexueally, but I said you have 3 kid’s, so that could NOT be true. He did not agree, then said that b/c I was a NYC Single girl that I should have alot of fun all the time (he was hinteing sexueally) but I said NO, we do NOT do those thing’s all the time. I do NOT know what kind of a time warp he was thinkeing of, but women in NYC are like women every where else.
He told me that he lived in New Rochele, and that from his apartement, he could see LONG ISLAND. I said my family lives on LI, and he said I should come there and see if I could see their house. Again, he had a silly grin on his face, and he had bad teeth, so I think it was a trap to get me to go to his apartement. I met him at Grand Central by the clock, and when it was time for him to go, he called a cab and we went to my apartement, and he asked to use the batheroom. I said he could and that was probabely a mistake, b/c he stayed in there for about 20 minute’s. I thought he might have fayneted or was constapated or mabye had diarea, but he eventueally came out. I told him to go b/c I was tired so he did, but when I looked in my medicine cabinet, I saw that he had opened alot of thing’s and moved thing’s around. What in the world was he lookeing for, and I would NEVER do some thing stupid like that. FOOEY!
He texted me that I should come to his place in New Rochele, but I now do NOT want to go. He was not interesting and he compleaned about his ex wife and not haveing sex and haveing to suport her and his kid’s 90% of the time I was with him. I do NOT think I could survive liveing with him, tho he said he wanted another child and thought I would make a great mother. I think he just want’s to have sex with me b/c his wife stopped haveing sex with him, and no other woman want’s to have sex with him b/c of all of his baggage and other issue’s. DOUBEL FOOEY!
Myrna had a bad experence also this weekend with the South American guy. I think there may be some thing in the air that is bringeing out all the looser’s. Mabye it is daylight saving’s time? TRIPEL FOOEY!


  1. Ellen is very lucky to get this guy out of her apartment. Why she let him up in the first place is beyond me. I've dated creeps who always' wanted to come up, in their mind once they've crossed the doorway, you owe them something sexual, ranging from a kiss all the way up to spending the night. This cretin went through her bathroom cabinets, lord knows what he was searching for. I once had a guy bring his own condoms and came out of the bathroom at full mast, raring and ready to go. Sex was not in the cards for him with me, so I had him put his pants on and leave holding his own, with the condom still in place for the next unsuspecting female. This is the lesson Ellen needs to learn. Not to put up with behaviour like this.

    1. Yes thank god this sex-starved oaf did not force himself on her.

    2. Agree with this comment. Men become animals once they get into a girl's apartment, particularly if they get in on the first date. This guy already thought Ellen was loose, so he probably was looking in her bathroom for corroborative evidence of same; i.e., condoms, diaphrams, lube, etc. Whether he found same, we do not know, but he clearly could have come out with the intent to penetrate same.

  2. Ellen has a lot of experience with guys that want to show her their apartments. I wonder if she ever, in a moment of bliss, let down her guard (and her panties) such that any of these men were able to slide in safely? Ellenwatch, do you have any statistics here?