Thursday, March 27, 2014

come’s in so handy!

Many, many commenters here have pointed to the ethical questions in Ellen's apparent billing system. She probably should have specifically mentioned Marie Claire as the reading material while "working from home," but perhaps at this point we're supposed to just know? I'm also picturing her eating at least half a pie and, say, painting toenail's with Myrna. "Gigabities" sounds so fun. 

Whenever it is bad weather, and I do NOT have court date’s or depo’s I work from home. This mean’s I log on to my email useing my OWN wireless ROOTER on my MacBook air, then handel e-mails. If there are call’s I have Lynn tell them to call me at home, and I answer the call’s from home.
I also do all my laundry, watch the Today Show, includeing the after show with Hoda Copy, and also do my laundry. I also catech up on all of the magazine’s I can NOT read at work, and figure out a way to make sure that I bill at least 12 hours. It is NOT as easy to bill 12 hour’s from home as it is billeing 16 hour’s from work unless I have to work on pleeding’s that have to be filed. For those, I can bill 4 hour’s even if it takes 10 minute’s, so that is why my WIRELESS ROOTER come’s in so handy! YAY for tecknology! The guy from the cabel company want’s me to upgrade to 100 Gigabities, but I think mine is OK as is. I will see what the manageing partner want’s me to do and if I can bill the cabel bill to the firm and our cleint’s. YAY!!!


  1. Tell Ellen she could make a great wife if she'd stop being so opinionated. My guess is that guys get turned off by that once they've been with her long enough. I divorced a guy who was a jerk, but I was too judgemental. I say if a guy is ok in bed, we should be more tolerating of other shortcomings. Ellen sounds unwilling to compromise, which she must now that she is in her 30's.

    1. I disagree here again. Ellen should not compromise, just be a little mystifying until she hooks a guy. Then she can become dictatorial, because a guy will put up with a lot before divorcing her and having to pay her for support. Besides, if she remains attractive, guys will put up with more in order to show her off as their trophy wife, then take her home, where his buddies will think she is giving him mind-blowing sex, when in fact she may not be at all.