Saturday, March 15, 2014

alway’s protecting myself to make sure I did NOT trapp him

Hug’s to you b/c I have had the VERY Same probelem. It is NOT you, it is HIM. FOOEY on men that use us then do NOT comit. I did EVERYTHING for Alan rangeing from cleaneing the apartement to cookeing for him to takeing care of him when he had the FLU and was and sneezeing and wheezeing and snotting all over the place, and for cleaneing up after him when he was drunk and vomitting all over my apartement, and also haveing sex with him whenever he wanted even tho he was disgusting alot of the time. Then he decides that he is NOT ready for marrage and kid’s, even tho we talked about it and I had sex with contraceptive’s, alway’s protecting myself to make sure I did NOT trapp him into marrying me, but then he is NOT ready either. I think we had sex 200 time’s at least, and I was not even counting, and he had alot of tenderness from me even when we were NOT haveing sex.
So all I can say is hope it work’s but do NOT let him take to much advantage of you like I did. Do not be his doormat and have sex EVERY TIME he come’s in lookeing for it. He should NEED to earn it b/c he will then apreaciate you more. I think in my case he looked at my apartement as a place to come whenever he wanted attention and sex, and then he left after he had his fun. That is NOT why you buy an apartement. You also do NOT want him comeing over just to use your shower and toilet, like Alan did. That is terrible and I will NOT forgive him for stuffeing up my toilet and dad’s toilet. FOOEY!
I wish you all the best with your man. I pray he is NOT goieng to turn out like Sheketovits. FOOEY!


  1. Allen has plowed the bejesus out of her! No wonder men just want to bone her. Why buy the cow when you can get the tuchus for free?

    1. Aren't you the witty one! Well you are one person who are not going to get any tuchus at any cost so you might as well price out a cow or two.

    2. I agree. Men should not be given access to any woman's vajayjay until they have made their vaginal intentions well known in advance.