Sunday, March 2, 2014

ONLEY if they meet these requirement’s

And Alan has begun pursuing Ellen on Corporette. Recall that he's been texting and (perhaps) communicating through his mother of late, and it was a huge deal with old comments on another site revealed directly that Alan has been missing his old flame and wishing for another chance with Ellen. Commenters here seem overall open to the idea, which is a strong predictor of what may happen (all of her bluster and fooeying notwithstanding!)

The only other thing to note, see highlight below, is that it looks like we're considering getting pregnant sans husband. The Sunshine Girls may have suggested Alan be the donor, but I say if we're really going to get creative here we should seek out someone with better GI functioning genes. Ellen's going to be sharing space with this new human being for 18+ years. 

This suit is very beautiful. I LOVE Alexander MacQueen! But it is SOOO Expensive!!!!
A few year’s ago, there was a local Alexander MacQueen EXHIBIT at the MOMA, and I went with Myrna and my mother. They had some great OUTFIT’s there and shoe’s that Lady GAGA wore with 6 inch heel’s! Can you IMAGINE? We all had to stand in line for an HOUR to get in and there were a lot of guy’s there who were stareing at MYRNA, but I do NOT think they were straight b/c they kept giggeling between themselve’s and then lookeing at us then giggeling again. Myran was dressed in a military suit and looked very cute tho.
Myrna told me I should date this guy from her job. I do not want another guy to have to figure out right now, but I may check him out anyway. I need a guy from the USA who is NOT lookeing for a green card or just to have sex and then dump me. I am to old for that. I want a guy who will want children and who can suport me and our children and mabye live in NYC (MANHATTAN ONLEY) or Long Island, or even in Chapaqua, near Rosa and Ed. I do NOT want to live in New Jersey or Queen’s or Statten Island, and probabley NOT Brooklyn. FOOEY!
If anyone in the HIVE know’s anyone, I would be interested ONLEY if they meet these requirement’s. I am an attorney at law, duly admited and in good standeing, and am a partner at a good WC Firm. I need to get married very soon, or at least have a BABY very soon. YAY!!!!


  1. Ellen should not get back with Allen. He has proven himself to be a lout, and an unemployable one at that. She can surely do better. Why not try out the other men being served up to her. At worst, they can't be worse than Allen, a lush who has already cheated on Ellen.

    1. Please post your intel about Alan cheating--I've been working on nailing this down for a while.

  2. Didn't Ellen once catch Alan with another, much less attractive woman? If Ellen had slept with Alan, would not it be logical that a much less attractive woman caught with Alan was also sleeping with him?

  3. Alan is a toad I would never sleep with, but everyone has different taste. That is why a gal like Ellen, who could surely do better, still pines for that toad's microwank.