Sunday, March 23, 2014

workeing is a 4 letter word

Here's the update on what further sacreifeces Ellen and her colleagues have to make to help meet the near $65k now owed by the firm in unpaid taxe's. I doubt MP will be doing anything differently whatsoever--indeed I foresee some time off for him since he insists a son is on the way. Meanwhile, Ellen's birthday being in the last week of March is, I am pretty sure, consistent with what we've heard in years past. Can we get a specific date, love? 

I've been very open about ELLENWatch's birthday: March 25, 2012. I'm turning two years old, super soon!

Yay! Open thread’s! I love open thread’s and this clutch bag! Kat, I do NOT even own a clutch bag and was waiting until I had a more formal dinner affair to BUY one, but this is so cute I will buy it. YAY!!!!
As for the OP, congratulation’s on the new job. I don’t like billeable hours either, especialy b/c the manageing partner has told us we need up up our BILLEABLES by 10% this year to provide for the tax issue as well as the moveing expense’s and furniture. That mean’s I have to do 6,600 hours. This will defineatively cut into my free hours, as I am STILL here doing some clean up work for MONDAY’s court hearing. FOOEY b/c it is goeing to be nice this weekend and I will have to sit in my HOME OFFICE to do work instead of playing, tho I will go to see the dineasor’s. YAY!!!!
One thing for the OP to remember is that no job is all bad or all good. She needs to remember that workeing is a 4 letter word so it will never be great. When you get married, that would be great, as long as your husband does NOT turn out to be a doosh. That is why I have NOT get married yet, b/c all guy’s I meet are dooshy and NOT men who want families and for me to be the one to bring up our babie’s. My birthday is comeing up next week, and Dad is planning a celabration at the house for me. I have to ask the manageing partner if I can take an extra day off. Hopefulley he will agree b/c I have NOT taken vacation realy this year unless you count some snow day’s where I stayed home to work on my MACBOOK AIR. FOOEY if he say’s no!
Myrna says we should also go to the PLANATARIUM but I do NOT like lookeing up at the sky. I alway’s think there is goeing to be a meteour that hits, but so far all I ever got hit with was PIDGEON POOP when I took the Statan Isleand Ferry. The pidgeon must have seen that I was lookeing up, and fooey. I do NOT like Pidgeon’s b/c all they do is poop. DOUBEL FOOEY ON THEM! Have a great weekend to the HIVE, b/c next weekend I have to do my taxe’s with the acountant. FOOEY!!!!!!!

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  1. How can Ellen bill 6000 hours / year and now 6600 hours / year and still have time to breathe, date, post and work out, in addition to the other necessities of life. I cannot get my head around the math that must go into this kind of billing. Is this billing on the up and up? I just can't make it work unless she bills in her sleep time.