Saturday, March 15, 2014

getting a littel chunky

This is a very important point, Audience. Lynn, who was so young, hot and unintimidating that she was inadvertently poaching men away from Ellen, now has her own educated and gainfully employed boyfriend. Everything was well and good until Lynn let her anxiety levels (regarding male validation) slip below healthy levels. What follows, as night does day, is a spare tire that even Ellen can see! For shame! You absolutely cannot do this until you have a ring and a baby, and even then it's not advised. 

What do you think, at this point? How long will Mason accept Lynn's puffing-up, and how will office dynamics change when he dumps her? (Wild card suggestion: she is already pregnant.)

Yay! I love REISS, but Kalvin Klien is just as good, particularley when it come’s to skirt’s! Tomorrow I must wear RED b/c the IRS is comeing and I bought a white silk blouse with the $100 the manageing partner gave me. It is very nice so I will NOT eat until AFTER we have the meeting with the IRS. Today, the manageing partner got fish takeout for everyone celebrate Margie’s pregenency, and we got good stuff to eat from a local place. I had GRILLEED SAMMON, which is my favorite, and the manageing partner had tuna. Frank I do NOT know what he had and Mason and Lynn shared something. Lynn look’s like she is getting a littel chunky since she has been dateing Mason. I hope she does NOT let herself go; she used to work out every day at her gym, but now I think they are liveing together at Mason’s place and sometime’s at Lynn’s place, and she is eateing alot at work.
Benjamin texted to say he is comeing in tonite, but I told him I am already busy with Myrna. She is still p.o.ed about that guy getting so grabbey, but at least she had a coupel of layer’s on so it was NOT like she was weareing a batheing suit. FOOEY anyway, b/c she said she felt violated and that is what mattered. She said he said they do that kind of thing alot in his home country, and that is a way of a guy signeling to a women that he is interested in haveing a relationship. I can NOT beleive that is right. Men who do that in the subway can get arested. FOOEY! Frank said that there are places where it is completely legal to take pictures up our skirt’s and I said it was NOT in NY. Where ever that is need’s to fix there laws. How dumb can peeople be to have no laws against upskirteing? FOOEY!


  1. Lynn can't be pregnant yet. That would be stupid of her and Mason wouldn't be committed at this point.

    1. But she's pretty and uneducated. Are you sure she knows what she's doing here?

    2. If she is already pregnant, she would have had to been trying to get there; i.e. intentionally forgetting to use the birth control, or in where was charged with the responsibility of condomising, she would have had to intentionally sabotage his efforts. If she is uneducated, who would have taught her this lesson? I don't think she is pregnant, just lazy and getting used to eating full meals her boyfriend is now paying for in exchange for sharing a bed and apartment.

    3. I think Lynn is pregnant, and will force Mason to marry her, if not at the very least use his paycheck to ensure her and their child's support. Mason, on the other hand will plead innocent and clam Lynn has been courted by others in the building and he would be right. Query, tho, whether any of the others have scored a home run, or even come close to crossing the plate with her. If Mason is the only one, then he should be prepared to support Lynn and her issue immediately, if not marry her outright.

    4. What does Ellenwatch think? At this point, Lynn could well be with child, tho it is unlikely. Also, if she was, she would not be anxious for sex with Mason every night, and we've heard nothing to indicate that the relationship has changed in any way. I think she is not pregnant, just getting sloppy because she now has a first-class boyfriend and no longer has to charm the building janitor for attention. She can't get too sloppy because guys like Mason will surely dump her if another pretty gal comes along. Who knows, even Ellen or Madeline may be within his gunsights now that he's got one notch on his belt.

    5. As long as Lynn is getting what she needs from Mason, who cares what she looks like?