Wednesday, March 5, 2014

[Vera return's]

Y'all already know that Vera is one of our working aliases. Here she is (a) wondering if she needs to be worried about the Ukraine--perhaps her cousins' names rhyme with Igor and Oleg? 

And also (b) proposing some bizarre work changeup in which everybody's manageing partners would get shocked into submission. 

Perhaps Vera can lend Ellen some of her imagination and initiative. Our main storyline is where nothing like this could ever even be conceived.

I heard about this. Is this something we should be concerned about? I have a cousin from the Ukraine.

RAWRR! I am also so sick of my job and so need to make a break.
Wouldn’t it be totally awesome if everyone quit their jobs on the same day, then just moved one job to the left or right the next day? We can only hope that our horrible bosses would lose their cookies (which they deserve to do) and respect us.
But they wouldn’t, so all I can do is RAWRR!!!!

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