Sunday, March 23, 2014

[Tenley seek's advice]

Probably true, tesyaa. Thanks for calling this to my attention. I've seen a few other likely Ellen affiliates overusing the garden metaphor, and in this case it even looks like the alias could be referring to Alan. He was, after all, by some reports a rather lackluster lover, and he has indeed been trying to get back in touch this spring (via phone, his mom, and Corporette).

I wonder if its a sign of Spring here in the Northeast?
A guy I used to date last Spring called me last week looking to tend my lady garden. It’s been a long, cold winter and now that the frost is over, I would appreciate a little tilling, but I am not sure I want him doing the gardeining again, as he proved useless when it came last year to the harvest season. Any ideas, ladies?


  1. I would not go down there if all these guys are humping this woman but i pray it's not Ellen. I need a woman who I can be sure is to be the father of my children, not some woman who sleeps with any guy that feeds her!

  2. We appreciate it when men pleasure us but do not like guys who just roll over once they're spent. A little hand action goes a long way with us.

    1. I do not like strange guys down there. Donna, you sound like any guy will do, as long as he is willing to do you! Have some discretion. Strange guys can be dangerous. Remember the movie with Jill Clayborgh from the 1980s. Wierd men are all over the place and you don't want them in your lady garden.