Thursday, March 6, 2014

be carful b/c Earnie could be a player

Sigh/resigned shrug: it's on. Earnie is evidently the name of the ex-husband of Rosa's former friend--we still don't know the story of their falling-out--and Ellen is going to meet him. This has warnings blazing from top to bottom and left to right, so honestly I don't even know how it's gotten this far. Nobody thinks it's a good idea, including the person who first thought it up. I maintain that perhaps the bored pregnant housewife (Rosa) is simply looking for some drama


Yay! I love these Earing’s ! Great find, Kat. I think I will ask the manageing partner if I can buy these even tho he normaly does NOT reimburse for jewelry, if the Judge will like these maybe he will! I think I need to ask.
As far as being handy, I can safely report that I fixed my kitchen sink all by myself. It was NOT dreining fast b/c it had stuff in it, so I went and got a bottle of Draino and put it down the sink, and then I turned the hot water on, filled the sink, and 1/2 hour later, it drained out all by myself! YAY! I told dad and he was so happy he released $100 for me to spend on clotheing, and that is where I plan on getting 1/2 of my jewelry money from if the manageing partner says yes, especialy if the manageing partner agrees to reimburse. DOUBEL YAY!
Rosa called Ed, who will be arrangeing the meeting with Earnie. I never knew anyone named Earnie before, but there is ALWAYS a first time, Rosa says, and Earnie has a lot of family money so maybe he will NOT even need for me to work! I hope not b/c I want to bring up our baby! YAY!!!!
But Rosa said to be carful b/c Earnie could be a player, meaning he fooled around on his cute ex wife and she now gets a lot of money to use on herself and there kid’s. That is not so good b/c if he is broke from her, I will NOT be abel to do much with whatever is left in his wallet at the end of the month. FOOEY! Rosa warned me that he will want to find out how adventurus I am and I am not, so FOOEY on him if he wants me to do thing’s I will NOT want to do. FOOEY!

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  1. Ellen is handy? Who knew? This Earnie character sounds suspect to me. I would have Ellen guard herself and not get taken in by a few cheap lines men are known to throw at women.