Sunday, March 23, 2014

even if there wife is gorgeus like Rosa

What did I tell you? Even Rosa cannot stay young, hot and continuously pregnant enough to guarantee her husband will not s'tray. You heard it here first, not even in this post either!

My only comment on the second post, below, is that the name Frank is being re-used. This is a first; usually we have a new name for every new character. I assume this government lawyer is not going to make his way onto Ellen's schedule, because if he does it will be difficult to easily distinguish between him and Frank the accounteant with whom Ellen works. Unless one or both gets a last name...

Hug’s to her, and FOOEY on men who do NOT suport us for life. If ED ever tried to do this with Rosa, I would persnaly represent ROSA to make sure she was taken care of for LIFE! But Ed is crazy about Rosa so this should NEVER happen, tho I have learned NEVER TO SAY NEVER, as men like to have sex with other women even if there wife is gorgeus like Rosa. I saw that Earnie was interested in other women even tho his wife was suposedly also very gorgeus, so you NEVER can tell. Men think thru their sex organ’s so that explain’s that. When we are in the bar, there are alot of guy’s with rings on that are alway’s trying to get us women to go to bed with them. I have learned NOT to fall for cheep line’s b/c I know that these guy’s will NOT be there for the long-term, especialy if you sleep with them. FOOEY!

I had the same issue! When I was in college, I applied to be an INTERN at a goverment agency. When I went in for the INTERVIEW, the guy asked me if I wanted a cup of coffee. At that point, the ONLEY coffee I liked was ICE COFFEE, so when he came out with 2 hot coffee’s with NO cream, I did NOT like it and spit it back into the cup. He saw me do that and said that that would not be good form if I was in a meeting, so I did NOT get the job. FOOEY b/c I realy wanted that job on my resume but wound up workeing in the cafeteria that semester instead.
Last nite, Myrna and I went to a bar on Second Avenue. She said she needed a breathe of fresh air, so we went out. It was OK, but 3 guy’s kept askeing us for our digits and one guy kept rubbeing up against me and Myrna at the bar. There was pleanty of room so I did NOT understand why he kept rubbeing up against us and asked him what the issue was. He said that we were the cutest girls in the bar and he wanted us to have his children. I knew this was a line b/c I have heard this SOOOO many times before, so I told him we were MARRIED. He figured out we were NOT b/c he said where were our husband’s. He also said we did NOT have ring’s so he knew we were lookeing for guys, so why not him? I said that there are alot of jerk’s in Manhattan, and we wanted real men. He brought his other 2 freinds over and it turn’s out one of them, Frank, is a lawyer for a NYC goverment agency. He said we had alot in common b/c I am a lawyer, but I think he was NOT interested in discussing legal topic’s, but wanted to arrange a date with us. We took their #s, but I do NOT see me calling a goverment lawyer. Benjamin is already on the list and he at least did NOT want sex but these guy’s did.
Margie came into the office today, and she is already showeing! The manageing partner is strutteing around the office b/c he has impregnated Margie and will have his own son. He does NOT know yet, but he want’s a SON. I told him he is very lucky to be MARRIED and haveing a son, so he is happy. YAY!!!!!

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  1. So many guys come on to Ellen and Myrna so I'm surprised that none have bedded them. Unless that is Ellen is not telling us about those guys. I think Rosa must be astounding. 3 kids by age 25 and a big house in the suburbs. And old Ellen only has a coop in NYC and no man to call her own and keep her warm at night. I think she may be too picky at this point.