Sunday, March 23, 2014

FOOEY she says, stay single! she say’s.

I knew it! Last we knew, I inferred that Lorrie (that's how it has historically been spelled) was in marriage counseling with her high-earning doctor husband. I decided he had been having an affair with the nanny, and I bet I was right about that too. The backstory is that Lorrie was Ellen's shineing example of a gal who didn't stress too much about school, and focused instead on, you know, security of a different kind. But it looks like that path doesn't work either! Now Lorrie is actually in a position to envy Ellen, and no young married mom is safe. 

Including Rosa. 

As for this little plan to distract Sam by making him interested in Myrna: if that was going to happen, it would have already--before he even met Ellen. These two work together, REMEMEMEMBER???? Maybe if one of them switched jobs, a romance would suddenly bloom. But my guess is that regardless, Myrna is too slim and quantitatively competent for Sam's taste. 

Yes, I also like the suit. It is VERY styleish. Great pick, Kat!!!! My onley concern personally is the PENCIL skirt may be tight on my tuchus this time of year, before I get into my new bikini.
My freind Laurie called me from college last nite. She met another guy and is no longer even liveing with her ex. She told me marrage is NOT all it is suposed to be, b/c she now has to deal with thing’s that her ex use to deal with. FOOEY she says, stay single! she say’s. I told her I need to have children so I need to marry first. She said that it is NOT required any more. With tecknology, you can have kid’s without even having to have a man have sex with you. I told her I knew that, but she said you could pick a man out of a catalogue and concieve at a mutualy agreed place. The guy goe’s into a jar and then they take a turkey bayster and squeeze it into you on your fertile days. I said that is alot better than a sweaty guy huffeing and puffeing on top of you to get done what a turkey bayster does. She agreed and wished she had done the turkey bayster, b/c her ex turned out to be the real turkey after all now, b/c he will NOT suport her or her children or her horses, which are being borded at a horse farm nearby. FOOEY!
Myrna is so sick of that guy from South America–he keep’s makeing a clicking sound with his tongue when she walk’s by. I remember Gonzalo doeing that also. I think it is a way to let a woman know you are interested in them. FOOEY b/c he was onley interested in grabbing my tuchus and my boobie’s not marrying me. He was also in the food industry, tho he was a mater-dee, and this one works on a cafeterial food line. I hope Myrna has better luck then me. She is not taken serious on her job even tho she has an MBA degree and has alot of quanetatieive skill’s I do NOT. FOOEY! Mabye I can get Sam to look at her and stop calling me. YAY!!!


  1. There will always be women who detest the guys they married but most of us prefer only 1 guy to live with and have sex with. If the guy strays and starts sleeping with others we don't like that. This may be what happened here. Guys always go for the fresh young women who look up to them and do not impose their own opinions on them. I know that my ex got tired of my superior knowledge even though he knew I was usually right. He has since taken up with a 20 something bimbo who I understand does everything in bed I would not because I thought it was demeaning. These days young women don't much care as long as they have spending money which my ex is happy to give her. Us old birds don't have much of a chance with younger hotter women 100% available for anything.

    1. I am young, and disagree with Donna. I want more than a guy to buy me a meal or give me spending money in exchange for sex. More importantly, I will not do "anything" with men. I do have scrupules and will not engage in any risky sex with a man I dont know. It is wrong to prejudge all 20 somethings as bimbos, Donna.