Sunday, March 23, 2014

who is the manageing partner’s MANAGEING PARTNER

Helpful data about MP's family here:

1) His dad in fact did practice with/own this firm, and may retain equity rights even in retirement. This means my unilaterally imposed moniker, all along, was more accurate than we could have known! I have always called the firm Manageing & MANAGEING LLP, and sure enough we know now that it is indeed a father-son thing with (likely) a repetitive name, and nobody else's in the mix whom we have heard of. 

2) MP's Dad is now in his nineties. This provides a potential clue as to MP's own age--a generation apart would put the Junior son around age 60, which is what I had thought. HOWEVER, since MP currently has a much younger (fecund) wife, it's possibel that his Dad did the same thing, marriage-wise, years ago. In that case, MP Senior could have been 60 when MP was born, allowing the son to now be more like early middle-aged. I consider this question open, but again, especially with MP having a nephew in his mid-twenties, I think chances are better that he's old, gross and bald as opposed to just gross and bald. 

Yay! I love Tahari and this jacket! Great pick Kat. I hope the manageing partner will approve this one for me!
As for the OP, I agree with preganon. Waiting can pay off. It took the manageing partner 2 month’s to get me on board even tho he told me I would be hired. He had to get his dad, who is the manageing partner’s MANAGEING PARTNER, to agree, and his dad is old and retired, but still own’s the firm. So I had to tell everyone I was kind of hired, but not until the old guy aproved me. I had to go to his house on LI, where he was sitteing on a bench overlookeing the LI sound. He grilled me about all sort’s of thing’s like bills of attainder and replevin and other thing’s that I did NOT know anything about. In the end, he said that he would go with the manageing partner’s recomendation, even tho I did not know anything important. YAY!
So wait and you should get rewarded. A good law firm like mine is hard to find. I still send the manageing partner’s dad a birthday card — he is over 90 year’s old! YAY!!!!!!


  1. I probably could bang Margie too if Ellen remains out of reach, but not while she is pregnant. Even I have some standards and this might finally get the sunshine hags off my case. Does anyone have a pic of Margie?

  2. Does the old guy need younger (45-50 year old) women interested in going out? We appreciate fine dining and Broadway shows.

    1. Be serious, Donna, would you seriously date some old guy just because he has money and is willing to take you to eat and a Broadway show? Find a guy closer to your own age. Guys who are 90 in all likelihood will not even be able to stay awake, let alone have sex.