Saturday, March 8, 2014

he should have firmed up plan’s by NOW

So tomorrow is being held clear by one of Manhattan's most formidable lawyers for a mystery date with the less-than-auspicious Earnie. Ellen can fooey all she wants, but it's never been more clear that she's utterly desperate. 

Meanwhile, where is would-be bridegroom Willem? If he would push the issue a bit further, and settel all Ellen's questions about whether Euros are play money, whether they have dentists in Europe etc., we could skip all the inevitable ooogleing and gropeing with this new shady and start talking about how Ellen can ever hope to fit into her wedding dress. 

Yay!!!! Open Thread’s!!! I love open thread’s, and this lace tee, but you are SO right, KAT, b/c there is no way I could ever wear this to work. Even with a bra, Frank would be stareing at my boobie’s right thru the lace. FOOEY!
Myrna is not abel to meet me tonite, b/c she is goeing out with the food service guy from South America. I wonder what they will eat? Myrna does not know but will find out later when he text’s her. I do NOT know his name, but he live’s somewhere in Queen’s. So I am by myself tonight, and will go to NYSC tonite instead of tomorow. The elyptiecal machine is great for me and my fitbit b/c I get alot of steps on it w/o workeing to hard. Dad will be pleased, tho he was not thrilled when he last saw me b/c I was eating pie with mom and he did NOT take his eye’s off my tuchus for at least 30 second’s. He was tryeing to send a message, Mom says, but she just ignore’s it when he does that to her and her tuchus is much bigger then mine.
Earnie is goieing to call me this weekend and I was told to leave Sunday OPEN for him. I realy think he should have firmed up plan’s by NOW but Rosa say’s he is busy. I do NOT even know where he work’s or his cell # yet. FOOEY! I do NOT like to sit around and wait on any GUY. DOUBEL FOOEY! When I was in college, my room mate alway’s sat around waiting for Louis to call her to go out. She never did anything w/o asking him first, and did NOT even think to go with anyone else anywhere. He led her around like a puppy dog and she did whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. More then a few times, she locked me out of the room b/c he wanted to have sex, many times right in the middle of the day. FOOEY on men that do this b/c she never had another boyfreind, and he did NOT marry her after haveing sex hundred’s of times with her. That is another reason I do NOT do what she did. I do NOT want to be known as “his girl” b/c the guy is usueally a looser if he does NOT marry you after haveing sex hundred’s of times with you, what else does he want or need to know? This Earnie guy better not turn out like Louis or he is going to be shown the door PRONTO! FOOEY!


  1. I am worried that Ellen will have to face this wolf alone. If Myrna is off with her South American friend, she will not be able to vet him ahead of time.

  2. I wonder if Ellen had sex with Alan "hundreds of times" and that is why she still keeps him in the hunt?

  3. Ellen had best save her sweet bootie for me. If that guy gets some right off I will never forgive Ellenwatch for not putting in a good word for me.

    1. This guy is a dick also, but at least Ellen got rid of the Earnie character without having to perform. She should similarly reject this loser, who should never be permitted to have any kind of sexual relationship with Ellen.

    2. I commented about this above. it is clear this guy was just looking to pound Ellen in the bedroom.

    3. And it is equally clear that she left him with blue cohones!